Albert van der Meer

Managing & Engaging Communities

Is gamification the cure to help your community thrive?

Wednesday 25th NOVEMBER

10:35 – 11:05

How do you as an organisation engage your community and ensure loyalty over the long term? Too often communities are seen as self-sufficient organisms. Give them a platform and they’ll thrive. Perhaps this could be likened to a virus? Unfortunately, once the platform, or host, is exhausted, the community dies away.

Communities are possibly one of the most difficult things to gamify. A community as an organism is so very varied. Each person is there likely because of some shared sense of purpose or desire. But each person is also unique. So how can you gamify an experience effectively enough to engage the majority of a community?

Learn how to treat your community more like a plant. Nurture and care for it until it becomes more self-sufficient. Enough that it can be left alone for long periods. Note, it can never be fully left alone, it always requires some invisible hand to help it along.

The bonus of having a strong, functioning and engaged community is that it can survive any disruption that is thrown at it.

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About Albert van der Meer

Albert van der Meer is a creative gamification consultant and facilitator, with his company aeStranger, which is based in The Netherlands, he operates throughout Europe. His expertise lies specifically with written, visual and experiential storytelling. With these skills and knowledge, Albert helps both international and multicultural businesses and educational institutions to improve their communication and collaboration. This is done through delivering experiences and workshops that offer deeper, more meaningful learning and value through the use of gameful design techniques and the methodologies of gamification.

Before starting aeStranger, Albert worked several years as a media producer, a team-building facilitator and as a freelance filmmaker and producer in Europe and the UK. After a successful career in helping business schools, businesses, music and film talents, he decided to change careers and be a full-time gamification consultant and team building facilitator. Albert now helps various institutions and individuals with delivering better learning experiences for their teams and clients.

Albert also co-authored a book on gamification, called: Press Start: Using Gamification to Power-up your Marketing. The book offers straightforward advice and immediate applicability of marketing & gamification techniques. It’s aimed at marketers who wish to fully engage their customers in a positive and meaningful manner using game elements and techniques.

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