David Chandross

Learning & Education


Monday 23rd NOVEMBER

14:00 – 14:20

Education will become increasingly reliant upon virtual reality, augmented reality and simulation and less dependent upon factual content pushing in online learning. New theoretical models for creating self-directed, self-paced learning in virtual learning environments (VLEs) are required in order for this to realize its potential and not descend to entertainment. In this presentation I will discuss the nature of complexity theory in serious game development working with both the United Nations and the World Health Organization designing deep games for learning.

Gameworlds are not games with winners or losing conditions. They are alternative realities with defined boundaries, avatar immersion and multimedia-rich content exploration. They permit the learner to roam through content areas and feature multiple engagement loops, emergent gameplay, fantasy fulfilment and granular progress tracking instruments. We will describe our work in fields as diverse as addressing food scarcity, mass casualty emergency training for physicians, rapid large-scale training of health care workers for COVD preparedness and addiction medicine using these principles. Audience members will leave with a basic understanding of gameworld design and how to begin to implement these ideas using their own learning management software.

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About David Chandross

David Chandross is one of the early developers of the field of gamified training. His work began at Ryerson University in 2001-2003 creating full fantasy role playing serious game courses in medical science for health science students and providing gamified simulations for medical students. He then joined the 3$M SAGE research project on gameworlds and simulation games hosted at Simon Fraser University. Currently he teaches Gamification and Mixed Reality as a graduate faculty member of the Yeates School of Graduate studies and supervises masters students in the field of digital media. Current clients include the World Health Organization, the Insurance Institute of Canada, Baycrest Health Sciences and the Nobel prize winners 2020, the United Nations World Food Programme.

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