Tatiana Tacca

Managing & Engaging Communities


Wednesday 25th NOVEMBER

14:25 – 14:40

Many know that women make up 47% of the gaming industry. However, most believe that applies to casual and mobile games. For millions of women around the world, this is not simply a casual hobby, but a deep passion point, with significant scale in reaching the core woman gamer and esports fan. This presentation will dive into original research about women esports fans and how to create businesses around this important and largely ignored audience.

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About Tatiana Tacca

Tatiana Tacca leads the esports and gaming practice at Momentum Worldwide, delivering consultation, sponsorship strategy, and experiential activation for brands and clients. She is an esports and gaming industry expert with 10 years in the space, managing sponsorship across multiple brand categories including telecom, payment, CPG, airlines, spirits and more. She has worked on and executed deals with multiple esports properties including Twitch, Riot Games, Activision Blizzard, Andbox, TSM, Cloud9 and Twitch influencers. Before that, she led the marketing strategy and game launches of over 20 mobile licensed game titles in partnership with Marvel, Disney/Pixar, Halo, Lucasfilm, Fox, NFL, NBA and MLB.

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