Toby Beresford

Health & Wellness

Redesigning coronavirus metrics using Infinite Gamification

tuesday 24th NOVEMBER

11:40 – 12:05

Toby Beresford sets you a coronavirus gamification challenge

Our public health teams are distributing the wrong data about Covid. Using the principles of Infinite Gamification Toby explains how public health officials can design a more effective data distribution that drives the right social distancing behaviours.

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About Toby Beresford

Author Infinite Gamification. Founder

Toby Beresford is Head of Client Engagement at Magic Freebies, CTO for The Running World Cup, CEO and founder of, Clients include PWC, IBM, United Nations, European Commission and the justice ministry of Sierra Leone! and often seen on Sky News as their expert commentator for social media and technology current affairs.

Toby is also author of "Infinite Gamification: motivate your team until the end of time" and he can be found on Quora to answer your questions at

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