Abhilash Purohit

Learning & Education

Embracing distractions in live virtual sessions

Monday 23rd NOVEMBER

13:30 – 13:45

Announcing Abhilash Purohit as a speaker at Gamification Europe 2020

Learners face a number of distractions in a virtual learning environment. The phone, email, app notifications, children, pets, parents, spouse, neighbours, traffic on the street outside, bad internet connection, nature's call... are all distracting them from a shared learning experience.

In searching for a solution, we built Dextr.io, developed the GPS framework, and learned a lot about distraction management. In my lightning session, I'll talk about how we developed a tool that empowers learners to manage distractions using the principles of Gamification, Personalization, and Socialization.

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About Abhilash Purohit

I am a Director of Gentle Bamboo Solutions, a learning and development firm and Leviosa Consulting, a software firm, based out of Bangalore, India.

Over the last two years, along with my business partner Rakshith Bhagavath, I developed Dextr.io, a gamified interactive facilitation tool. I have an interesting case study from this experience that helps learners manage distractions and will be beneficial to delivering engaging live virtual sessions.

I am also a trained magician and a runner.

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