Aleksandra Witoszek

Learning & Education


Monday 23rd NOVEMBER

13:45 – 14:00

Interviewing Erik and Ola about their talk: Let's play a game

Ola and Erik believe in a bold concept: "that we should all have the chance to build a game". With this in mind, the "Toolbox for Creativity" was created. Each and every component of this game was designed to provide the right level of scaffolding in the students' journey of game design and development.

The Toolbox for Creativity was implemented to maximise the learning outcomes of the class Organizational Behaviour. As is usually the case in such stories, an enemy appeared in this narrative. This time, its name is COVID19.

Check how Erik and Ola adapt their idea to the reality of distance learning and what was the result of this experiment.

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About Aleksandra Witoszek

I’m Ola, I’m working in the Department of Organizational Behavior at Cracow University of Economics. I am passionate about teaching and research projects. I train employees and students.

I focus on combining theory with practice and constantly deepening my knowledge. Currently I am implementing gamification at Cracow University of Economics and working on my doctoral dissertation.
I'm inspired by TED Talks.

I don't start my day without drinking good coffee;).

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