Birce Yılmazkarasu

Employee Engagement



12:05 – 12:30

Session delivered by Irze Kalkavan and Birce Yılmazkarasu

What motivates people to achieve their personal goals? How can companies bring in success by getting to know their employees, see what motivates them, and help them bring out the best version of themselves? Can you imagine the success story written in an inclusive and collaborative office environment full of superheroes? It is time to reimagine the way we work.

We aim for every person to reach their inner superhero and enjoy the path to their goals. We transform goal-oriented activities into experiences that trigger intrinsic motivation via game elements.

Creating an environment that is able to sustain this kind of motivational growth is our passion at Inooster. An evolutionary place for superheroes to continually become a better version of themselves. Join our session to find out what Inooster does to achieve this goal.

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About Birce Yılmazkarasu

Birce completed her undergraduate education at Yıldız Technical University, CEIT department. She then got her master’s degree from Bahcesehir University in Game Design, with a thesis focusing on a gamified product she designed for paper recycling. In addition to her academic studies, she has worked in many different sectors such as educational technologies, educational games, board and mobile games. Currently, she designs gamification experiences that touch people's lives and enables them to discover their best selves.

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