Esra van Beelen

Health & Wellness

School for Ninja: from mindfulness to playfulness

Tuesday 24th NOVEMBER

14:25 – 14:35

Interview with Esra van Beelen speaking on Mindfulness and Playfulness

Esra van Beelen, founder of School for Ninja, analyzes the similarities and differences between mindfulness and playfulness. Her insights can help anyone concerned with reducing work stress and improving the culture of an organization. Three main differences Esra describes are:
1) ‘awareness’ vs ‘imagination’
2) ‘own’ vs ‘culture’
3) ‘passive’ vs ‘active’

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About Esra van Beelen

Esra van Beelen is an expert in playfulness. Initiated by the personal experience of recovering from a burnout by training her playful attitude, her purpose became curing distress among young adults through play. After the master Game Studies Esra designed applied games for various companies. Recently she founded School for Ninja to fulfill her purpose.

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