Filip Tomaszewski

Marketing & Customer Loyalty



11:40 – 12:05

Talk description

In this session we will hear three stories about the practical application of FLOW concepts in a B2B setting. These show different aspects of engagement: the engagement of a player in the game, the engagement of a player in the process that he/she takes part in, the engagement in the world of sales.

Story #1
The story of sales executives who underestimated our Archipelago Competence Game for B2B Sales. They were expecting some trivial game/a riddle. Instead they received a mind-blowing experience that stretched them and their skills so much while trying to outsmart the game system.

Story #2
A game used in the recruitment process makes people engaged in it and they show up on the interviews at much better rate than when no game is used.

Story #3
The story about a candidate playing a game and realising that the industry is not a good fit for them. Then saving everyone's time and money by declining the offered interview (as they played the game very well).

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About Filip Tomaszewski

Entrepreneur, trainer and serious games and simulations consultant for business. An entrepreneur and the co-founder of Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych, Experience Corner and Competence Game.

He designed and co-designed award-winning training simulations and serious games such as: Archipelago, Strike Fighter and ProfitQuest.

He uses his sales and finance management experience and expertise in business trainings addressing business and financial aspects of organization operations and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

He is the CFO of the PGS Group and the Managing Director of

Privately, a sociology graduate, he is a great fan of mathematics, statistics and MS Excel. All the games he has designed originated from this format...

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