Michiel van Eunen

Employee Engagement



11:40 – 12:05

The Hunt is a story about disruption of the old and boring way in which we trained retail sales staff in customer service. A story that starts in 2003 with a trainer that is fed up with trainees dozing off during his sessions, and frustration about the fact that his training seems to have had little measurable impact.

It led to a daring plan to drop that very training, and play a game instead – with the complete retail staff of over 1,000 people. A plan that was met with suspicion and accepted with reluctance. (Why would we change the way we train our staff? – we have been doing it like this for ages?)

The Hunt – a project that we would now call Gamification – proved to be a great success. In terms of employee engagement, learning & behaviour change and revenue boost. Building on this experience we ran The Hunt in other retail organisations, supermarkets and banks. We learned that the rise of smartphone-use, social platforms, and the easy spread (and leaking) of information posed new challenges as well as possibilities. In this talk, Michiel van Eunen will tell you all about it. What is The Hunt? What convinced companies to use this gamification project? How has The Hunt been running for 17 years now, touching 50,000+ (retail) staff? What have we learned along the way? And what is the future for The Hunt?

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About Michiel van Eunen

Seasoned player in the field of gamification & game-based learning. Since running his first project (The Hunt) in 2003, he made and played over 50 different formats with thousands of people, groups, teams and companies worldwide. Ranging from serious games to escape rooms, Michiel loves to design games that use the immense power of play in the real world. He has the privilege witnessing tons of teams playing games and he loves to inspire others with what he learned from that.

I make games. (serious games, business games, team games, training games, kick-offs & ARG’s)

I talk, inspire & advise about gamification. (at conferences, workshops & strategic sessions with companies).

I design Escape Rooms.

* Rise Global Top 25 Gamification Guru
* Gamfed Member
* Public Speaker at Gamification World Congress
* Public Speaker at Gamification Europe Conference
* International Speaker on Gamification
* Gamification Expert at Performance Solutions
* Gamification Trainer at Dutch Training Professionals
* Ambassador for Mission Start - Platform for Gamification & Game Based Learning
* Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method

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