Olga Kożuchowska

Learning & Education


Monday 23rd NOVEMBER

11:05 – 11:30

Time to learn more about… The Mystery of the Seal. The captivating storyline in this gamified learning for SWPS University Office Of Career Services generated amazing results. Dive in to hear:

  • It’s freaking amazing to… who said that?
  • Break the secret of the 7 seals - which seven competences, crucial for career development, will we be training during our journey around the world?
  • The preparation camp - how we analyze users' needs and personas BEFORE the main gamification?
  • Data and first results - almost half a thousand users, more than 400 hours spent on learning, absolutely voluntarily, IN THE FIRST WEEKEND!
  • How to be more and more efficient - adaptive Learning and AI inside the elearning gamification platform.

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About Olga Kożuchowska

Olga Kożuchowska: Head of the Office of Career Services at the SWPS University, implementing the Mystery of the Seal project in cooperation with Gamehill- a gamification platform for students, the purpose of which is to develop students' competences related to career planning and key competences at work in rapidly changing conditions.

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