Sandra Abadir

Managing & Engaging Communities

Gamification's power is coming from crowd, then spark it

Wednesday 25th NOVEMBER

14:40 – 15:10

Chaired by Ercan Altug Yilmaz, who will lead the panel session. Questions to be covered by the panellists Sandra Abadir, Yu-kai Chou and Tatiana Tacca include:

  • What are the main problems in communities?
  • How to, or how not to, gamify a community?
  • How to gamify the volunteers and contributors in a community?
  • How to boost engagement in a quiet community?

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About Sandra Abadir

Sandra has spent her life exploring different fields of creativeness, a bachelor degree in Architecture & environmental designs graduate, she was also a scholarship student at school for 3 consecutive years.
Sandra is an imaginative architectural engineer, a great graphic designer who has meticulous eye to details and a witty writer, she prevailed an event planning competition where her design stood out among other applicants. Sandra Collaborated yearly for the past 7 years with the HR department at her organization to turn the working environment into bursting fun, and helped awaken up the drowsy days with outstanding game – based learning activities and gamified projects. Sandra has also pursued further studies to compliment those talents with Digital Marketing Diploma from Core Consultants USA, Gamification Course authorized by University of Pennsylvania, USA as well as Train the trainer Diploma accredited by society for Human Resources (SHRM), She was Speaker at TEDx highlighting "How to Gamify for a Better World."

  • Certified Gamification Trainer and consultant by Gamification+, UK
  • Founder of GamUp
  • Head of Ambassadors at GamFed
  • Community member in NASAGA

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