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​Call to Adventure Tickets for Gamification Europe 2019 Launched

​It's on.

​We are not sure if you've heard, but we've launched our first batch of tickets to the third edition of #GamificationEurope.

Pretty awesome news right? Let us tell you more...

​The third edition of Gamification Europe will be based in Berlin, Germany.

​The 'Call to Adventure' tickets are only €300.

​About the Venue

​Hotel Mercure MOA is the base for our 2019 event. The hotel boasts great potential for ​networking opportunities due to it's various breakout spaces. It's located just 25 minutes from Berlin Tegel Airport and is accessible by car, taxi, foot and jetpack.


​(It's accessible by jetpack, but you may need to buy a permit.)

​We've included a map below so you know exactly ​where it is.

​What else can you tell us?

​That's it. That's why these tickets are called 'Call to Adventure'. It's a promise of an excellent 2 days in Berlin with the top thoughtleaders and practitioners in the field.

It's also why they are such a good price ;).

​Sales for the ​'Call to Adventure' tickets end on Friday 14 June.

​Join in the fun....

​Gamification Europe ​is ​the ​international conference​​​​​​ of choice for gamification practioners, academics and thoughtleaders.

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