By Sofia Usman / September 18, 2018

Gamification Europe 2018 Awards

The Outstanding Gamification Awards: Part 1—The Opening Act

by Dr. Michael Wu

Today, I am delighted to announce the Outstanding Gamification Awards presented by Gamification Europe. I am also privileged and honoured to be asked to chair and be a judge for this year’s award. We had a lot of great feedback and learning from last year’s award, so I hope we will make this year’s award more fun, more inclusive, more transparent, fairer, and better in every imaginable way. So, let the game begin.

The Categories:

This year, we are going to have 7 categories. Here they are and here’s why.

  • Outstanding Gamification Software
    Although gamification is no longer an emerging technology, technology is a crucial component for implementing and scaling gamification. This is a returning category that aims to showcase the best platforms for implementing gamification and making an impact on organisations and people.
  • Outstanding Gamification Research
    Besides the technology, gamification also involves much science and requires research. We are looking for research papers that have significantly enhanced the educational, commercial and general usage of gamification. Research is not only about documenting what worked well and what didn’t, it’s also about discovering new mechanisms of how and why gamification work that we didn’t know before. That is very important for a developing industry.
  • Outstanding Gamification Rookie
    This year we want to motivate gamification professionals that are new to the industry to be part of our community. An industry that does not attract new people will eventually wither away and we don’t want that to happen. This award will go to the individual who has joined the industry during the past 12 months and managed to deliver an outstanding project or spread the word about gamification far and wide.
  • Outstanding Gamification for Inclusion and Diversity
    Besides growing our community in sheer number of practitioners, we also want to have impacts that are far reaching. The Inclusion and Diversity Award is to recognize an individual or team's contribution in promoting and improving accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity through applied gamification. If a more diverse and inclusive population can experience the positive effect of gamification, perhaps more of them would want to join this fun and impactful industry in the future.

Last year, we received disproportionately more submissions in the gamification project category. So, this year we decided to split this category into 3, so more amazing projects can win and be recognised. Having too many submissions in one category will obviously decrease the odds of winning for submissions to that category compared to submissions to other categories. By splitting up these popular categories, we hope to even out the odds and make the award less biased. That is, if you are a rookie who implemented an amazing gamification project, the odds of winning should not be significantly different if you submit for the Rookies Award compared to the Audience Engagement Project Award.

So, the 3 Gamification Project categories are:

  • Outstanding Gamification Project in Employee Engagement
    This award will go to the project that has displayed excellent employee engagement and has fully utilized the tools of gamification to develop and promote an employee experience that achieves the purpose of the organization.
  • Outstanding Gamification Project in Learning
    This award will go to the project that has excellent use of gamification that achieved a long-term sustainable, measurable, and positive impact on learning.
  • Outstanding Gamification Project in Audience Engagement
  • Finally, whether your project is in sales and marketing, health and fitness, or any other application area, this award will go to the project that displays the viral power of gamification in spreading messages to a wide audience. This project must drive impressive engagement with customers or (other audience) and have a measurable impact.

The Submission: How to Play

So the entry this year will be a short video that is 3 minutes or less, which tells the rest of the world who you are, what you did, why and how you do it, what’s the impact, and why you should win. You must choose 1 and only 1 category for your submission.

  • Format: video
  • Length: 3 minutes or less. Any video that is longer than 3 minutes will be discarded.
  • Upload: After you have your video, upload it to YouTube. If you have an account with Google, you should be able to use the same account for YouTube and upload your video there.
  • Category: only 1 category per individual or team. If you have submitted for more than 1 category, the first one that is reviewed (at random), will be used. Subsequently, all other entries from the same individual or team will be discarded.
  • Initial Round Opens: September 17
  • Initial Round Closes: October 18
  • Submission: After uploading the video to YouTube, copy the URL and submit your entry at We are really thankful to have ChainCubed as our sponsor and the provider of this blockchain-based submission and voting platform for this award.
  • Supplemental Info: Make sure that you choose a category when submitting. You will be asked a series of questions during the submission process. Answer them as best you can, as it will help how the judges score you. If you have further question, please refer to the Award FAQ, since all questions and answer will be compiled there.

I like this modality of submission because videos typically have a much longer shelf-life than text submissions. Since videos are generally easier to consume, easier to share and appeal to a bigger audience (far beyond the judging panel) they can be re-purposed and reused easily to promote the great work you’ve done long after this award is concluded. I certainly hope this will create more long-term value for all the participants of this year’s awards. At the very least, the participants will gain greater visibility and awareness of their work from this exercise.

The Launch:

Now you know how to play. Are you ready? What are you waiting for? Take out your phone (or your videography gadgets) and start documenting your gamification work.

Next time, I will tell you more about how you can win, and how we make this straightforward award more interesting and more fun. In the meantime, I’m happy to announce that submission for the Outstanding Gamification Award is now open.

Let the game begin, and I wish you all the very best of luck.

​Dr. Michael Wu