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Gamification Europe Logo Animation - Closes October 31st 2018

Who we are and what we do

We are Gamification Europe, a gamification Conference and Masterclass organiser based in the UK, but sharing our services across Europe and beyond. 

The Prompt

We are looking for our current logo to be animated. The animation should retain the style, colours and character of our current logo. It should be a moving logo which encapsulates fun and energy. How it is animated is open to interpretation.


  • More modern than classic
  • More youthful than mature
  • Neither masculine nor feminine
  • More playful than sophisticated
  • Neither economical nor luxurious
  • More geometric than organic
  • More literal than abstract

HEX #ee2d3a
RGB (238,45,58)
CMYK (0,81,76,7)

HEX #ffd503
RGB (255,213,3)
CMYK (0,16,99,0)

HEX #00b6e7
RGB (0,182,231)
CMYK (100,21,0,9)

HEX #7fc241
RGB (127,194,65)
CMYK (35,0,66,24)

How it will be judged

We will receive all entries by October 31st and over the next few days shortlist the submissions down until we have just three, where the logo's will be presented to the chair who will then consider and pick the final design winner.

The Prize

The winner of this competition will receive 1x ticket to Gamification Europe conference 2018, including the Awards Dinner.


Submissions to this competition will need to be emailed to kira.downer@gamificationplus.uk, and the latest entry will be received by October 31st at midnight. Any entries after this date will not be counted.

ood Luck!

Terms and Conditions