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Panel Discussion: Gamification in Germany: Buzzword Or... Game-Changer?

​Gamification as a term has been around for about a decade and it's increasingly becoming a trend, often used in conjunction with other trendy buzzwords in business to describe anything playful in order to sell consultancies. What's the state of play in Germany when it comes to gamification? How is it used in practice and what are the outcomes? In this panel we'll discuss about the past, present and future of gamification in Germany, aiming to level up our understanding and be part of the change.

​About ​​Lutz Leichsenring

Lutz Leichsenring is regarded as a pioneer for the recruiting methodology "Recrutainment". Recrutainment deals with the playful approach of recruiting young talents via online communication channels and event formats. Lutz’ agency young targets (Berlin, Dusseldorf) has been working in this field for companies and institutions for 10 years and has made a lasting mark on the term "recrutainment". Young targets' customers are more than 200 software and technology companies (Volkswagen, Datev, Siemens, EY, Daimler…) that have a need for young IT professionals. Lutz is also involved as a volunteer in the music and creative industries as a board member and spokesman of the Club Commission e.V. and acts as a consultant and book author; most recently in "Recruiting on the Social Web" (Business Village Verlag) and "Recrutainment" (SpringerGabler).

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