​Previous Gamification Europe Events

​Brighton Edition

​The first edition of Gamification Europe took place in Brighton, England. ​Pete and Vasilis were the key organisers behind the ​event. With 26 speakers and over 100 attendees, Brighton marked the launching point of our wonderful #GamificationEurope community.

​London Masterclasses

​In June 2018 we ​organised Masterclasses where ​we picked top experts to deliver day-long courses to an international market. The courses were delivered by Marigo Raftopoulos, Michiel van Eunen, Melinda Jacobs and Bernardo Letayf​.

​Amsterdam Edition

​The ​second edition of Gamification Europe took place in ​Amsterdam, ​Netherlands. This time ​Pete and Vasilis had the help of interns Kira Downer and Sofia Usman ​to help make the event a success. The conference had a single track of speakers compared to the Brighton event so boasted 18 speaker and over 1​80 attendees. Amsterdam emerged as a successful launch into the international side of ​Gamification Europe.