The Hero’s Journey is no longer serving us

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Date: Tuesday 28th November 2017

Theatre: Room 1


Marketers and developers have all been hearing about the power of story to motivate users, but drop-off in box office and TV ratings are signaling a growing disenchantment with standard storytelling tropes. Are we tiring of simple, linear stories that feature male characters, where might makes right? How is the rise of nonlinear, participative narrative impacting our work? In this exclusive talk, Jeff Gomez, one of the world’s most renowned experts on story, unveils a new model of storytelling, which he calls Collective Journey. An evolution of the Campbellian Hero’s Journey model, Gomez claims this new modality explains the seismic changes that have been sweeping the world, from BREXIT to Trump. He also says that those who master Collective Journey storytelling will have the ability to supercharge their user-base, inspiring intense loyalty, shareability, and communal activation. Gomez will specify some of the surprising ways this new model applies to gamification.


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