Theory vs. Practice in Implementing Successful Gamification

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Date: Wednesday 29th November 2017

Theatre: Room 1


In 2011, Gartner’s identified gamification as an emergent technology in its Hype Cycle report. Yet, the very next year, Gartner published another report stating that “80% of the currently gamified application will fail due to poor design.” In theory, gamification is very simple at the conceptual level. And there is no shortage of easy-to-use tools that can give points, award badges, display leaderboards, run contests, create missions, or technologies that leverage other game mechanics. In practice, however, gamification is very difficult to get right at the implementation level.

This abridged workshop will present several tenets of successful gamification that guard against some of the most commonly overlooked pitfalls when implementing gamification. We will examine them thoroughly to understand why they are important and how they will impact your gamification initiatives. After the presentation of each tenet, the attendees will have the opportunity to apply that tenet to a real problem of their choice. Upon completing this hands-on application exercise, the attendees will rotate to report their solution and finding to the entire group. Subsequently, we will host a facilitated discussion focusing on improving upon the team’s finding while addressing any challenges or unanswered questions that might arise.


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