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3radical Voco’s platform creates fun, interactive experiences to increase engagement by at least 300%, both in consumer engagement and employee engagement.

People’s behaviour and how they interact with organisations, and the channels they prefer to use, has changed, both for consumers and employees alike. Many brands, however, continue to push messages out in the hope they get noticed at the right time and in the right place.

To deliver the kind of experiences that individuals want, deserve and engage with, a marked-change is required; a change that sees organisations delivering communications that not only capture an audience’s attention, but which audiences actively want to participate in and engage with.  The organisations who develop interactive, relevant, and rewarding experiences across all channels that we, as consumers choose to use, are the ones that are winning.

3radical’s marketing platform allows users to create gamified campaigns that drive positive consumer and employee behaviour by rewarding with real and virtual prizes for their interactions, providing something new and exciting to do and re-engage lapsed customers, keep brand and content front of mind in between visits, increase acquisition and ultimately, drive greater footfall and even revenue.  And we do this in the UK, Australia, Singapore and beyond.

3radical’s unique platform has enabled brands like Zizzi, Matalan, Temasek, DBS, E.On, Dell and Anytime Fitness, amongst many others, to engage consumers, differentiate from the competition and earn new business

Contact: Rachel Swann, Commercial Director

Email – Rachel.swann@3radical.com
Phone – +44 7793 846363