Sponsorship Opportunities 2020

Why We Need ​Sponsorships

Gamification Europe is our biggest project every year.

Our team has grown from 2 to 6 since 2017, and together we pour 1,000's of hours into Gamification Europe for the best attendee experience. This is a huge investment of time, energy and resources. Sponsorships enable us to run the type of conference you enjoy so much! If we didn't have the prior commitment of sponsors, we could not arrange for the best keynote speakers or indeed book the venue. 


"Gamification Europe would be impossible without our incredible sponsors..."

Pete Jenkins - Chair of Gamification Europe

The most important reason we run the event is our connection with the gamification community. In the past we have received an incredible amount of support from ​the incredible ​people we work and collaborate with internationally. #GEU20 is coming soon. And so we reach out to our community again.

If you think you can support Gamification Europe (in any way!) we'd love to hear from you. Keep reading on to see the benefits of event sponsorship. Choose which apply to you and get in contact to see how we can help each other out.

Sponsor Benefits

Find out your sponsor type! All you have to do is choose from the following list of benefits and continue on to find out what sort of sponsor type you are.

  • Logo and branding on the c​​​​onference website
  • ​Logo and branding on p​​​​rinted materials (usually: conference guide; lanyards; delegate badges; banners and backdrops; t-shirts & other merchandise
  • ​Complimentary passes for your own staff and customers, giving access to: inspirational speakers, gamified networking, gamified experiences, case studies, latest theories, research and best practices for applied gamification
  • ​Position your business as a thought leader supporting and involved in an innovative industry
  • Significant social media coverage (we're active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn), in the run up to the event, during the event
  • ​A speaking opportunity during the event
  • ​One guest blog post on the conference website (we can write this if requested)
  • ​Benefit from promotion across all our gamification properties (Gamification Europe, Gamification+ and The Gamification Awards) - websites with over 44,000 hits per year, over 20,000 social followers and an industry mailing list of over 2,600 people
  • ​Space for a large exhibitor stand
  • ​Input into the conference theme for the year
  • ​A positive bias towards your suggestions for potential speakers
  • ​A copy of the list of attendees
  • ​Access to content and resources following the event (we film all the talks)

Sponsor Types

​We've remixed ​ things. ​Because the sponsorships are pick and choose, no longer do our sponsor types come with a set name and set of benefits. Instead the type correlates to how many of the benefits you'd like to take advantage of. Below you can view the special playing cards we've designed which correlate to the type and number of benefits. Count up how many benefits you ticked earlier and this will tell you your sponsor type.

Next Steps

We have streamlined the process of sponsoring our events. With our new pick and mix options we believe that you can curate your own ideal experience at Gamification Europe 2020 with incredible ease.

After reading this brochure you should have an idea which sponsorship package may be most suitable for you. Your next step to becoming a sponsor of the conference is to contact our conference chair, Pete Jenkins, at pete@gamification-europe.com. (We've also made you a contact form at the end of this webpage.) He'll arrange a call to chat through your involvement in more detail. You could be sponsoring the conference in as little as week. How great does that sound?

Download our sponsorship guide

Just click the button and get all the details about our sponsorship opportunities and why you should support us in putting up a great event.

Contact Pete

​If you would like to contact Pete, fill in your ​information and submit the form below. It would be especially useful for Pete if you could detail which of the benefits ​you were interested in to get the conversation rolling!




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