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Gamification legends Pete Jenkins and Vasilis Gkogkidis are taking gamification abroad with...
Gamification Europe 2018, Amsterdam edition.

Not to far away in the future...

Your latest design has gone down superbly.

The adoptance rate is 99.9% . (The only person who hasn't is the Accounting intern who doesn't talk to anyone anyways.)

Your boss is impressed by the way in which you brought this project into fruition.

From the initial drafting phases to the final launch this has been YOUR gamification project.  

At one point you thought it was going to be a failure.

Just another statistic and one more reason for your boss to wonder why the company even needs a Gamification Designer...

ANYONE can be a good designer. Gamification Europe is about sharing new insights and tools from industry leaders...

And you're invited...

I used to wonder why Doctor's were said to 'practice medicine'.

Like, huh? I don't want anybody 'practicing' on me thank you very much!

Then I broke my glasses.
Well, the left lens fell out. Just one.
I didn't really want to pop to my opticians and be quoted £100+ for a lens.
So I decided to fix it myself.
I ordered a cheap £10 from a popular online retailer... and whilst the pair came the next day
The lens didn't fit!
I got a permanent marker, my scalpel, my ever-handy pair of pliers and some superglue... and... I mean, it fits.
I've never done this in my life.
And you can tell.

It was a bit of a bodge job. But I learned my lesson.

 I now totally get why Doctor's are said to 'practice' medicine.

What practising really means is 'exercising skill'. The more you practice and try something the better you get at it.

If I had the right tools and experience, maybe my glasses would look better.

I mean, I think that this goes hand in hand with gamification design too.

The more you practice your design, the better you get.

But I need tips to complete the project I am working on now!

Okay I hear you!

I've got the perfect event for you.

I'm helping to organise Gamification Europe.

Gamification Europe is the only English language industry-specific gamification conference in the world...

Where you can pick up tips to improve your design...

And be at the leading edge of the gamification community.

And we're going to be at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam on 26 and 27 November.

Our objective is to make Gamification Europe the epicentre of gamification knowledge.

So we have some of the biggest names in gamification.

AND some of the rising stars...

Who are going to present their ideas on the future of the gamification industry.

Now, I'm definitely not able to say that our speakers have seen everything...

But in a field that's only been around for 8 years at a push... they are some of the most skilled people on the planet.

And we are bringing these experts together in Amsterdam on November 26 - 27.

And they are sharing their case studies... their failures... and what they think the future of gamification holds.

Gamification Europe is being organised so we can help YOU design better.

Our thought leaders want to help you design better.

Because they don't want others to make the same mistakes they've made.

There's no point in making the same mistake twice.

Gamification Europe is your opportunity to be at the epicentre of gamification knowledge. 

To be able to keep up to date in this growing industry.

I'm sure you realise as much as anyone...

Gamification isn't just a nice thing to have anymore.

It's a vibrant community.

It's not just psychology & UX meets Zelda.

It's a thriving industry.

And Gamification Europe aims to share with you what industry thought-leaders believe is happening.

Nobody wants your project to fail. Least of all us.

We want everyone to have designs that wow.

To be able to take inspiration from others, because ideas ideate ideas.

With Gamification Europe you are receiving the latest in thought leadership from some massive names in the industry.

We have organised some of the top thought leaders in the Gamification Industry so that you can become a better practitioner.

I'll tell you why.

Because when you get it right, everyone wins.

You know that project you're working on?
That awesome employee training program?
Trying to get your kids to eat their vegetables?
Stopping yourself from losing your keys all the time... (I'll admit that last one is me.)

By sharing with others what working and what didn't, everyone gets a little better with each project. 

You realise the common mistake you make in your design... yeah, I'll bet LOADS of other people have made the same mistakes.

With Gamification Europe we are trying to create a community of people who are happy to share their mistakes. 

Because sometimes that's the safest way you learn.

We are reaching out to gamification practitioners because we want you to be on top on your design.

You don't need to start a completely new project...

Or pick up an old one that never quite worked.

You can add the tips and tricks you learn from 26 - 27 November on your existing project.

How efficient does that sound? (Hint: Super.)

To learn some of the top tips that our speakers are going to be sharing with you could cost €1,000+ for a two day course.

But we have 18 excellent speakers sharing 18 different ideas on our conference theme. 

By attending Gamification Europe you could learn some of the incredible ideas that our thought-leaders have used to influence their design.

  • Why An Coppens insists on play testing and how this can have a major impact of the amount of people participating with your project...
  • The loop that Bart Hufen has used to effectively develop and grow his business. (He's also sharing a white label version of his game called Power Play exclusively to attendees.)
  • How Andrzej Marczewski uses limitations to inspire truly imaginative gamification design...
  • How your players experience is fundamental to your design. Melinda Jacobs describes why you need to think of your players narrative journey and how this impacts their relationship with the project.
  • Why Mun Choong (Munch) Lam decided to gamify his employees and the huge impact this had on his business and why his partners consider him to be "...the only person in higher management who has the ability to listen and help to find a solution."
  • The effect that prototyping has on your final product with Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter
  • Why Samantha Clarke believes in the power of curiosity and how using it correctly can push your players become deeply involved with your project

These are just some the amazing talks that you will hear at Gamification Europe 2018. 

And one thing that you'll get by actually attending the conference is being able to ask the speaker questions. YouTube comments just aren't the same and you know it.

Gamification Europe is the only English language industry-specific gamification conference in the world. 

We actually only have 300 spaces available for attendees.  That means that we only have 300 spaces for:

  • For gamification companies to send a members of their company to return to the office with a great list of 'next-actions' 
  • For every freelance designer that want to keep up to date with the latest in gamification thinking
  • For every workshop facilitator that wants to make their activities more engaging
  • University researchers
  • Every thoughtleader and guru that wants a chance to meet up with good friends
  • Every speaker, organiser and volunteer at the event (we have 18 speakers alone  which is account for 15% of attendees already)
  • CEO's and managers looking to connect with our speakers
  • All of the representatives our sponsors will be sending
  • All of the individuals who have been shortlisted for the Gamification Europe 2018 Awards (More on that later...)

I mean that's already a lot of people! 
...And we only have a limited number of tickets left to sell.  

By attending here are some of the possible benefits you can get from the conference

 Studies show that an in person meeting is far more likely to get your foot in the door than a text based introduction. Use your networking skills to get into the Amsterdam gamification market.

No other gamification conference travels.

Full stop.

I've checked.

Beyond the ability to just access the Amsterdam market there will be a new location each year so the opportunities to network will not just be limited to the same group of individuals all the time.

This is possibly one of the best aspects of Gamification Europe.

In a travelling conference you will really have the chance  to make connections that will last you throughout your career. 

This is the part of the conference that I am most excited to share with you.

In Brighton, 2017 we had over 30 entries into our awards.

This year our awards ​have stepped up in quality.

We really want to highlight the best of the best in gamification

We want to bring awareness to the individuals who are making the biggest and most unique impact in the industry.

Gamification Europe is where you will hear about these case studies first.

Better yet, by being at the event you can MEET the winners and get some real context behind the challenges they faced.

You just can't get this by watching the videos.

Why have they won, what are they doing differently?

Ask them.

We are highlighting these individuals and are doing so to ensure that they are recognised for their achievements.

I developed the theme to this conference.

Let me introduce myself. I am Kira Downer a student studying Business at the University of Brighton (which is how I met Pete, the chair of Gamification Europe).

Okay... but I've not heard of you!

Hey! Everyone's got to start somewhere! 

I mean, up until 18 months ago I had never even heard of Gamification.

But during my second year of university I received training directly from Pete Jenkins. And it was only 3 months after I met him that I started to work with him.

At the end of the year I submitted a a gamification essay that received 87%.

This is the highest grade that ANY of Pete's students had received for a Gamification essay.

I'm not trying to brag or show off at all.

I just want to explain that I've got a pretty good idea of how gamification works.

The way that I'm different though, is that I'm looking at Gamification for an industry-perspective. 

I'm not an experienced psychologist.

I've not got a background in Computing.

But I do have an interest in gamification with a background in business and as an industry.

Becuase one thing I did discover when doing the research for my essay was that the resources on gamfication have changed so rapidly since it's conception

It has been evolving into something new.

And I believe that is emerging into something  that needs  exploration.

Because it's not just YOU learning from our speakers.

Everyone learns from each other; ideas ideate ideas.

And this is where, you being at the conference in person will excel your learning beyond that of just watching the YouTube videos.

You get context.

Our speakers want everyone to design just the little bit better.

What you learn from our speakers this year, ou apply to your design.

It gets better.

It's actually a contender for the Gamification Europe Awards 2019.

This project means you developed a new approach.

Design gets better.

Everyone learns something. 

And it all start at Gamification Europe 2018.

To take part in Gamification Europe 2018, Amsterdam Edition

  • To have direct access to a brand new market

  • To have the chance to join an ever-increasing network of practitioners we are creating the future of Gamification as we speak

  • To attend our Awards dinner and make connections with the winners, finding out what they're doing right in their practice

  • To leave Amsterdam with a long list of micro-improvements to your design 

We are selling this amazing two day conference at the value of €550 + VAT.


As I mentioned earlier...

I have an exclusive offer to give you.

But it's very limited.

In fact, I'm only able to offer 30 tickets at this price.


Only the first 30 people to register get the chance to get this exclusive discount.

If you don't take action now...

You'll have to pay full price.

This means that the sooner you take action, the better the chance you have of receiving the amazing 20% discount to the conference.

Which means you only pay €440 + VAT per ticket.

This is great value.

Actually, I attended two full days of training by two of these speakers in June worth over €500 per day.

In Gamification Europe, Amsterdam Edition, we have 18 different sharing with you 18 different ideas, all building on our theme of 'From Player to Professional.'

I want you to have the same competitive advantage that all of the companies that are sending representative are going to be getting.

Ggamification is the design method that gives companies their competitive advantage.

Best yet...
ALL the talks are being filmed and then uploaded to YouTube so you get the chance to go back to each talk and review everything you've learned.

But Kira, if I can just view the videos online afterwards what's the point in me buying tickets to the event? And what about all my competitors being able to watch these videos?

I hear you. But like I was saying earlier, it's not just the talks you're paying for. 

It's the 2 day conference in Amsterdam.

It's the things that wont be filmed like the networking breaks, the awards dinner and the invaluable connections you will make.

It's being able to meet our speakers.

I want to know that only the biggest benefit of attending the conference is the chance to network.

Viewers on YouTube just won't get the same experience. 

But you can get a variety of ideas from over 20 experts (including organisers and panellists) who are happy to help you with your project.


Because we want to share good design with as many people as possible. 

Gamification gets better for everyone when best practice is followed and when people take inspiration from each other. We are helping to build an industry from the inside out and want to inspire.

Early bird ticket sales have ended, but we still want to involve as many people as possible.

We want to make it bigger and better and we want to build a community. This is also why we are sharing the videos on YouTube.

And it's also why I've been given permission to invite you with this exclusive 20% of link meaning you will only pay €440 + VAT. 


To take advantage of this opportunity...

Make some excellent connections...

Improve your gamification design...

Be at the epicentre of gamification knowledge...

Take advantage of the 20% discount that is available and order now.

Best Wishes,

Kira Downer
Gamification Rookie at Gamification+

If you wanted a sneak peak at some of the companies that are going to be attending, look at THIS page. To make sure you are with these leading companies, order now.