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Arthritis Memes Business


10:35 – 11:05

Interview with Ben Wilkins - speaker at Gamification Europe 2020

What can you do to motivate your audience to do more exercise? What about when half of them are between 59-89 years old? What happens when badges don't work! Could humour, emotion and teamwork be the answer instead?

Hear how Good Boost deliver AI-powered exercise-rehabilitation apps that implement the principles of gamification theory. Building upon patient insight, and with 2 years of co-design, they are exploring how introducing ‘meme culture’ to a less traditional audience can motivate users to new maxed out exercise levels.

Arthritis is a term used to describe a collection of joint conditions associated with pain and stiffness. Arthritic conditions are some of a group of conditions that affect muscles, bones and joints collectively called musculoskeletal disorders (MSKDs). MSKDs affect 18.8 million people in the UK, accounting for 30% of GP appointments and cost the NHS £5b a year to treat and manage. Globally, MSK conditions affect around 1.2 billion people and are the primary cause of disability on the planet with an annual health bill of $100b+. The wealth of published research illustrates that exercise is one of the most clinically and cost-effective interventions for many MSKDs. Yet the numbers accessing and maintaining exercise programs remain low.

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About Ben Wilkins

CEO of Good Boost (social enterprise developing AI technology for older adult joint health and wellbeing that applied gamification principles for engagement and motivation). 

MSK Clinical Champion, Versus Arthritis (UK's leading charity in Arthritis and MSK research).
Winston Churchill Fellow (research project is gamification for older adult MSK exercise),
Fellow, Royal Society of Art.
Lead, MSK Expert Group, World Health Innovate Summit.
MSc, Musculoskeletal Science, University of Oxford,
M.Ost, Master of Osteopathy, Oxford Brookes University.
Registered Osteopath.

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