​Top things to do in Berlin

As well as attending Gamification Europe, what else can we do when we get to Berlin?

Here's our list of top activities in Berlin:

Berlin Christmas Market

Visit the German Christmas Market. Stalls are open until 10pm so why not pop here for a warm beer after the conference?

Computer Games Museum

Boasting over 300 exhibits, the Computer Games Museum in Berlin documents the exciting history of computer games worldwide. If you get a selfie with the life-sized Lara Croft or Link they have, we'd love to share it!


Game Science Centre

More interested in the technical aspects of game design than the history? Well we've got the experience for you. The Game Science Centre has a collection of innovative and future technologies. We think the theme matches perfectly with our conference, so take an evening to visit and play.


LEGO® Discovery Centre

Berlin has a LEGO Discovery Centre?! We know. How cool. Apart from LEGO being AWESOME, we'd like to recommend the factory tour; you get your own special LEGO Factory Building Block to take home!


Reichstag Building

An historic building originally designed to be a seat of power. The building suffered a fire in 1933 and was eventually rebuilt in the early 1960s. Looks impressive.

Reichstag Building

The Berlin Wall

After almost 30 years divided, East and West Germany reunited on October 3, 1989. In the centre of Berlin a 1.4 kilometre stretch has been memorialised.


Epicentre of the modernist movement in design, the Bauhaus represents a cultural movement that lasted well into the mid-20th Century.

Escape Rooms

There are a great selection of escape rooms in Berlin. We've not had the chance to try them all, so we've left a link to TripAdvisor where they've got an article on just this.


Pergamon Museum

One of the largest museums in the country, Pergamon museum is host to such historic artefacts like the Pergamon Altar, the Ishtar Gate of Babylon and the reconstructed ruins of the Market Gate of Miletus.


East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery in Berlin is an outdoor art collection (actually the largest in the world) featured on remaining sections of the Berlin Wall. To walk the whole length takes approximately an hour and takes you into central Berlin.

​If this list didn't cover all of your interests, feel free to visit the following websites which cover more niche ​activities: