Gamification Europe is the conference and networking event for gamification and engagement professionals, brought to you by Gamification+

The theme of the first event was the Hero’s Journey. The best speaking slots went to the bravest speakers who were willing to talk about what had gone wrong with their use of gamification, the obstacles overcome and what they had learnt from that. Check out the videos of all the talks on our  YouTube channel. 

As the Gamification event of 2017, it was the place to be for anyone in the gamification community, and for anyone using or interested in using gamification to foster behaviour change, whether it be for marketing, loyalty, staff motivation, employee engagement, effective learning, innovation or culture change.

Aimed at bringing together companies and individuals interested in the use of gamification to connect with one another and share best practice and understanding, it offered a conference program headlined by some of the world’s leading gamification figures.

This event was for business leaders looking to learn more about effective storytelling, digital transformation, learning, developing leaders and effective gamification project delivery.

About the organiser

Gamification+ is a company focused on gamification. We provide speaking, training, design and consulting on gamification to clients from all over the world. Some of the clients we’ve worked with include Airbus Group, American Express, British Council, Allianz, HSBC, Intel and Dell.

We aspire to organise one of the best conferences focused on gamification worldwide. We work hard to bring together the best speakers, gamification professionals and organisations to share knowledge and ideas.