Gamification Europe Awards 2017

At Gamification Europe we like to highlight the best of gamification from the past year. To do this we are running our awards program.

Entries are now closed and we moved on to the voting phase.

If you take part in the Gamification Gurus 100 Leaderboard  you can vote here:


Award categories include:

· Outstanding Gamification Guru 2017

· Outstanding Gamification Agency 2017

· Outstanding Gamification Platform 2017

· Outstanding Gamification Community 2017

· Outstanding Gamification Project 2017

· Outstanding Gamification Research 2017


The awards will be judged by the “Gamification Gurus” – a group of dedicated gamification professionals seeking to teach and spread the word about gamification online.

Anyone registered on will be able to vote in the awards using a weighted voting system – you will get as many votes as your gamification guru score for November 2017. e.g. a guru score of 25 will be equivalent to 25 votes.

Terms and Conditions

1. All entries must be submitted in English.
2. There is no monetary prize for winning an award.
3. The referee for the gamification awards is Toby Beresford, CEO and founder of the Gamification Gurus.
4. Only projects that are approved for public viewing may be entered.
5. All forms must be submitted by midnight 31 October.
6. All votes must be submitted by midnight 15 November.
7. Each guru may vote once for each category.
8. You may vote for your own project.
9. Any evidence of vote rigging, spamming, cheating or otherwise unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in disqualification.
10. The decision of the referee is final.
11. You agree to grant Gamification Europe and the Gamification Gurus the right to publish and circulate your entry via any medium.