Employee Experience Day

25th March 2022

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The Employee Experience day is designed to showcase what works in gamification of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding to training to innovation to wellbeing and retention, we aim to discover the latest thinking and help you to design better and more effective gamified employee experiences.

Our amazing list of sessions for 2022 Employee Experience Day [Online]:


All times are uTC (UK time)

10.00 to 10.10

INTRO BY THE CHAIR betty adamou

Betty will be drawing on her experience in gamification to smooth our journey through the Employee Experience day of Gamification Europe 2022.

Betty Adamou


Research Through Gaming


Betty Adamou is the inventor of ResearchGames™, and Founder of Research Through Gaming.
As the world's foremost expert in the field of Gamification applications for online market research, her book ‘Games and Gamification in Market Research’ (Kogan Page, 2018), is the first book on the subject, and now published in three languages to a worldwide audience.

Her 10+ years of research and design work is focused on creating engaging and data-driven games to solve commercial problems. As an in-demand Gamification designer, workshop leader, keynote speaker, and consultant, Betty regularly works with a range of clients, from Fortune 500 brand to start-ups and charities, with her games played by 20,000+ people worldwide.

Betty has also gained several awards in recognition of her work, including NGMR Disruptive Innovation Award, GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Firms, Enfield Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and named 1 of 7 women shaping the future of market research.
She has been interviewed globally to discuss her work, most notably on BBC radio.

10.10 to 11.00

Discover the new approach to flow

Learn the 10 Key Player Motivations that go deeper than the typical focus on employee competence. There is more than simply achievement that drives people. Go beyond the expected gamification solutions with experiences like connection, collaboration and belonging. In real-life examples you will see which game elements to use to improve social experiences in your own organisation.

Bruno Setola

Game Thinking Consultant



Bruno Setola is a Game Thinker; he looks at daily interactions between people as games. By looking at these through the glasses of a game designer we can see ways to make them more fun, fair and engaging. Bruno consults organizations on the participatory process that is needed to improve these "games" with the people that play them. Only by making the needs and motivations of these players tangible can we effectively apply the best ideas from games and reimagine the game of living, learning and working together. Bruno Setola is a Gamification consultant with 10 years of hands-on experience in applied game design, while also researching and teaching gamification at Rotterdam University of Applied Science.

11.00 to 11.30

THE ZEE WAY: Engaging Induction Experience with Gamification

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEE) wanted to develop an induction program that would give an overview of its businesses, history, culture, and policies and at the same time provide an engaging experience to its new joiners. Through the Hero's Journey created with Upside Learning, the employees traveled through seven different milestones, each covering a critical topic, and earned rewards to successfully complete the End Game and become "Extraordinary Together". Through a single, integrated experience, ZEE aimed to position its digital induction program as an opportunity for employees to get into the nuances of its values and culture, and in the process be inducted into the ZEE Way of working.

A winner of 3 Brandon Hall awards in Best advance in custom content, Best unique or innovative learning and development program, and Best advance in employee engagement categories, the program has received glowing feedback from internal and external stakeholders at ZEE.

In this talk we share the journey of creating this program, the outcomes, and learning from this experience.

Animesh Kumar

President - HR & Transformation

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL)


Mr. Animesh Kumar is the President - HR & Transformation at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL). Having over 25 years of experience, Animesh has led the HR function at large scale Indian and Multi-National Companies for over 15 years. In his previous stint, he was associated with the Future Group as the Chief People & Transformation Officer wherein he was responsible for driving the internal transformation.

Animesh has also worked with the IDFC Group for 9 years engaging in various roles like Head of Human Resources, Marketing Head of IDFC Bank Limited and CEO of IDFC Foundation. He has served on Boards of various companies and has worked closely with non-profit organisations helping them enhance internal capacity to increase their social impact.

Amit Garg


Upside Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd


Amit Garg is the Founder & CEO of award winning learning solutions provider, Upside Learning Solution. He has been involved in the workplace learning domain for over 20 years and is passionate about improving organizational performance through better learning solutions. He consults organizations around the world on resolving business and training challenges through uniquely crafted learning solutions by combining his vast experience and quick adoption of evolving trends on learning and technology fronts.

To give back to the community Amit also hosts the L&D Go Beyond Podcast where he gathers and shares workplace learning insights from experts.

COMFORT BREAK FROM 11.30 to 11.45

Stand up, move around, grab a coffee and a snack and come back refreshed

11.45 to 12.30

How gamification boosted financing products sales for Koçfinans

Hear how BrandNewGame Turkey worked with Turkey’s first and leading financing company to increase product revenues by 47%. Even staff who'd never sold these products before started selling them regularly! As new players entered the market the competition in financing sector got fierce. Koçfinans decided to take innovative steps to differentiate in the sector. The key method was to use gamification for both digital and cultural transformation. This sales gamification project was award winning and has been published in Harvard Business Review Turkey. Since then the use of gamification has started to spread around other departments in the company too.

Fırat İçmeli

Chief Gamification Officer (CGO)

BrandNewGame Turkey


Fırat İçmeli was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1977. Having M.S. Civil Engineering degree and an MBA, he worked at different levels in several multinational companies like Bosch, Grohe, Onduline etc. for more than 20 years. Lastly, he was working as the CEO of both an e-commerce company and a facility services company. He is known as the first person to have a CGO title.

12.30 to 13.00

NETWORKING SESSION - facilitated by David Dand

In a round table discussion led by David Dand, CEO of Coreus Talent Acquisition, attendees will explore the following topics:

  • Where Gamification can make the most significant impact in the employee experience
  • How /where you have seen Gamification used best to recruit, develop or engage employees.
  • The benefits and risks associated with integrating Gamification into the employee journey.

David Dand


Coreus Ltd


David is the CEO of Coreus Ltd, an international headhunting consultancy specialising in permanent and interim gamification and talent acquisition appointments.

He has over 15 years of HR and talent acquisition experience working with Ernst & Young, Laureate, AXA and Roche.

David formed Coreus to deliver a superior, bespoke search service, on a global scale. He is also the Founder of Dand HR Associates, a UK based HR consultancy offering outsourced HR services and recruiting expertise to providers of professional services.

David has travelled extensively in his career, notably in Europe and the USA. He grew up in London and now lives in Sussex on the south coast of the UK with his wife and family.

Eat, Greet & Connect with Cozy Juicy Real FROM 13.00 to 14.00

We'll be playing a game that’s as unique as the people who play it. Cozy Juicy Real is an online board game that kindles fun, authentic and connecting interactions. It’s been played by thousands of people in 61 countries - from start-ups to some of the world’s most successful companies including Nike, Volvo, Zoom and more.

“You will connect. Cozy Juicy Real is the best way to foster connection online. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 15.” - Marcia Goddard, Neuroscientist and Head of People at Tony’s Chocolonely

Jed and Sophia Lazar


Cozy Juicy Real


Jed and Sophia are group facilitators, coaches, board game designers and the creators of Cozy Juicy Real. More importantly, they’re two people who believe in the power of great conversation to bring us all a little closer. Favorite coffee treat? Frappuccinos with silky soy milk and a pump of something sweet.

14.00 to 14.20

How can Gamification help to foster innovation in companies?

Gamification, when based on a proven methodology, is a wonderful tool to boost innovation. The benefits of Gamification are especially relevant when you want to boost innovation: more involvement, less judgment, better co-creation, more creativity... Different gamified tools and serious games can be used at the different steps of an innovation process: kick off, reframing problems, idea generation, innovation trainings... Since we are working mostly online, to co-create in teams is more difficult than ever and gamification is a perfect tool as it gives a structure, improve involvement and participation, increase team building, helps to improve the output...

In this presentation, I will explain what are from our experience (18 years helping companies to innovate and 5 years using gamification to do it) the key success factors to use Gamification to innovate and I will show step by step how we can go through the whole innovation process with Serious Games.

Philippe Delespesse

CEO and Founder

Inteligencia Creativa & Binnakle Innovation Games


Philippe has more than 12 years’ experience in marketing and sales departments at Unilever and Henkel, before being in charge, as Director, of the launch of Movendus.com, internet portal participated by relevant Spanish companies.

In 1992, co-founder of Inteligencia Creativa, consulting company helping companies to boost and systematize their creative thinking and innovation.
Since then he has facilitated workshops, trainings and innovation projects with more than 5.000 participants from more than 100 companies in different sectors and countries (Danone, Novartis, Repsol, Boeing, Pepsi, Henkel, Kellogg’s, L’Oreal, Orange, Repsol, Unilever, Yahoo, Allianz).

Co-founder of Binnakle Innovation Game in 2014, launching Binnakle The Expedition, and later digital serious games to cover the whole innovation process. 

Speaker in many International Meetings, Congresses and Corporate Events about Innovation, Creativity and Gamification.

14.20 to 14.40

Failing to learn or learning to fail

We look back to look forward. We’re going to take a look at some initial learnings in gamification. A collectibles solution, a social solution and a wellness solution. Creating the right technology partners. Also, we look at how our audiences have changed and what has changed them.

And then we’ll look at how we took those learnings (some failures) and turned them into features. An in-house product is benefitting from these learnings and is receiving a “layer of motivation” in the form of a gamified user experience. We’re proud to show you what is coming up for this product.

Jordi Williams

Gamification Product Owner

Achievement Awards Group


As an avid gamer and game-thinker, Gamification is Jordi’s passion. Jordi focuses on developing solutions that can help businesses achieve their goals while simultaneously can improve the lives of its customers and/or workforce. This art of solution design is Jordi’s calling and he has been applying his art to mobile applications, e-commerce shopfronts and of course gamification solutions. Jordi has completed the Yu-Kai Chou Behavioural Design Masterclass and is always seeking opportunities to improve his mastery of gamification.

Andrew Solomon

Marketing Director & Gamification Business Owner

Achievement Awards Group


Andrew has been involved in the design and implementation of gamification solutions at Achievement Awards Group for more than 5 years and heads up Playa, the gamification division within the company. Andrew has studied gamification and continued to refine his knowledge over the years through The Game Thinking Academy (Amy Jo Kim) and The Octalysis Group (Yu-Kai Chou).

14.40 to 15.00

It’s good to be wrong – discover how to keep employees engaged in training

Let’s face the facts – old school e-learnings are obsolete. Today our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Employee time becomes the most precious currency. That’s why MPL Verbum developed Level.Up. It’s an educational game in the form of a website and mobile application, which, based on the gamified microlearning method, allows you to deliver knowledge in an engaging and accessible way. From giving you points even for mistakes and instant feedback to rewards both in game and real life. The best part? The average daily time in Level.Up is just about 6 minutes!

Learn how we did it, why employees love it and how from the project in one country we currently use Level.Up in over 20 European countries.

Wojtek Wicherski

Creative and strategic coordinator

MPL Verbum


Games always have been an important part of Wotjek's life. He played his first game somewhere around 1993, it was Prince of Persia. Then came Nintendo Entertainment System, Playstation 1 and many more. He still loves playing games and seek for mechanisms or solutions that you can adapt in gamification stuff. Gamification Europe 2022 is his third experience with this great event. He was in Berlin in 2019 and online one year ago. He has more than 5 years of experience in marketing, especially in gamification and loyalty. Currently for over 1,5 year he has worked at MPL Verbum, a Polish marketing agency which specialises in gamification and loyalty programs. 

COMFORT BREAK FROM 15.00 to 15.15

Stand up, move around, grab a coffee and a snack and come back refreshed

15.15 to 15.50

Go Beyond Expectations In Employee Experience

We will share how the employee experience is shaped in the world order that has changed dramatically during the pandemic period and how the effects of this challenging process can be overcome with gamification.

In this period, we share with you the setups we have customized for call center personnel who make extra effort and need support in motivation-productivity issues.

At the same time, we will convey to you our comprehensive training product, in which all the training development processes that employees will need throughout their career journeys are presented through gamification.

We aim to bring the audience together with real examples of the experiences we have gained using Motivist and LEX products in different sectors, the effects of gamification on employee experience, and what awaits us in the future.

Ebubekir Kaplan

CRO & Global Expansion



In his 20-year career, he worked in many different sectors and platforms in the disciplines of entrepreneurship, marketing, communication, fintech and management.

As a person who is devoted to all kinds of structures in which game and gamification are involved, he participated in the game with the topics such as sports marketing, sports communication, sponsorship management, athlete management and e-sports projects. He implemented Turkey's first qualified social media formations in the field of sports. He prepared and presented programs in various national televisions and radio channels.

He puts gamification in the center as a life dynamic and manages the global expansion processes with the title of CRO on the ship of Inooster, which he joined as a consultant 3 years ago.

15.50 to 16.50

Succeeding at employee experience projects - an in-house gamification designer’s perspective

Presentation Overview:

1. Quick overview of my background
a. 10 years in incentives
b. Discovery of gamification
c. First Solution - Contact Centre solution – 98% engagement that brought an underbalanced AWS server to its knees

2. Work history
a. Working for the company you developing solution for
      i. Company one – focused on selling these solution and developing innovative ideas.
     ii. Developing for company that wants to innovate but has so much regulations.

3. The solutions
a. Cortex
     i. No money
     ii. Digital
     iii. Changing behaviour

b. Retail exco
     i. Kings and Queens of the business
     ii. Changing perceptions
     iii. Creating excitement
     iv. Developing buy -in for future projects

c. The framework
     i. BlueRabbit
     ii. Octalysis

4. The future is bright:
a. Money management solution set to launch April 4million customers
b. Trading solution set to launch 10 million customers target
c. Ethics training to launch to 40000 staff to name 

Fabian Haridien

Gamification Game Designer

First National Bank


I am a Gamification Game Designer at First National Bank South Africa with years of experience in delivering Gamification projects across learning, sales performance and across the entire First Rand Group.

I believe that it is selfdom that an individual finds their passion and their calling in life and I believe that gamification is mine. It’s a passion, it’s not a job but rather a way of life for me. My journey is to make sure that I can share my passion with everyone I meet.

This passion has been extended to my organisation where 2000 staff members attended a Gamification master class recently held by me. I was also delighted to be named amongst greats recently in an article by Growth engineering link ( https://www.growthengineering.co.uk/top-15-gamification-experts/).

My motto is "Show me a problem and I'll show you the possible solutions".

WRAP UP FROM 16.50 to 17.00

Our Chair for the day will take a moment to reflect on the talks and sessions you have all experienced.


Your last chance of the day to visit the sponsors, have a quick chat with each other, share your contact details and then start unwinding from today's event.

With gratitude to our 2022 sponsors


Inooster is a technology company that offers performance management and loyalty programs through gamification-based, new generation motivational solutions. We help our business partners reach their goals by placing people and fun in the center of all business processes.

We transform goal-oriented user activities into experiences that trigger internal motivation via game elements such as leader boards, feedbacks, storytelling, etc. via our own methodologies, and products. As Inooster, we offer three product families: Motivist for employee engagement, Bond 1440 for customer loyalty programs and Noos, a flexible and powerful infrastructure tool for customization.

We have helped many businesses from different sectors reach their goals; whether it is making the end-user experience more enjoyable at a mall, motivating the personnel at a call center, helping the sales teams reach their quotas, or working along with municipalities to promote people to become more active. We are there, constantly striving to achieve more in every aspect to help you reach your goals.


Cozy Juicy Real
A game that’s as unique as the people who play it. Cozy Juicy Real is an online board game that kindles fun, authentic and connecting interactions. It’s been played by thousands of people in 61 countries - from start-ups to some of the world’s most successful companies including Nike, Volvo, Zoom and more.

“You will connect. Cozy Juicy Real is the best way to foster connection online. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 15.” - Marcia Goddard, Neuroscientist and Head of People at Tony’s Chocolonely


What is Gamification Europe?

Gamification Europe is a 5 day conference that can give you all the necessary tools to use gamification in your organisations. Exceptional speakers online make sure you get everything you need to go back to work and harness the power of games. 

Organised by GAMIFICATION+

“So inspiring and fun to have been part of the Gamification Europe conference in Berlin. We learned, mingled and laughed a lot during the hectic days. Perfectly organized and located! We went back home full of ideas and energy” 

Karin & Mikael Berggren, MMD Games


Awesome event with lots and lots of stuff to learn and discuss. See you next year - Adam Pusztai

Thanks Vasilis and Pete for organising this amazing event! It was a great success and a pleasure to be part of! Couldn't thank you enough! - Sabrina Bruehwiler