​S​ponsors of Gamification Europe 2019

We couldn't be more thankful for all our sponsors and supporters!

Without them this event would not be possible.



​Growth Engineering
​Growth Engineering are research-backed learning experts founded in 2004. We are passionate about creating engaging online training solutions that result in meaningful business impact.

We’re laser-focused (to the point of obsession) on making learning more fun and engaging, thereby helping learners to unleash their inner superheroes. Our learning solutions have helped companies like HP, BT, L’Oréal Travel Retail, Flight Centre and The Financial Times to get a better return on their training investment.


​​Young Targets
Berlin based young targets GmbH is among the world's pioneers in gamification in the area of recruiting and employer branding (“Recrutainment”). The agency works for more than 200 software and technology companies all over Europe, that are in search of young talent, mainly in digital jobs. young targets offers target group specific recruiting and employer branding solutions that are creative and unconventional event formats such as Escape Games, Bot Challenges, Treasure Hunts and Hackathons.


Using our 3radical Voco gamification platform, organisations can attract and retain the attention of their customers and employees by creating fun, rewarding, interactive experiences that go beyond initial engagement to valuable two-way exchanges, increasing loyalty and driving specific behaviours to meet business goals.

Gamification for the classroom... BlueRabbit is the best and easiest way engage players in learning for your classroom. Imagine being able to gamify an entire years worth of teaching. Well, now you can, simply and easily with the BlueRabbit gamification tool. Winner of the 2017 Award for Outstanding Gamification Software.


​The Gamification Academy
What is the Gamification Academy?
The gamification academy is a gathering of people from different professional backgrounds who believe that playful method​s can help people in organizations to improve their impact. We take inspiration from effective game mechanics to stimulate perpetual progress. The Academy develops methods to kick-start transformation in playful ways.

The GameStorm Method

Did you know our GameStorm method solves problems? And not only that – it generates actionable ideas that lead to great achievements, executed by the very same professionals that worked on them! How much more engagement do you need than moving people in directions they feel is the right way?"

​BrandNewGame develops applied games and gamification systems that help organizations to achieve set goals. We believe that change will only occur if people start to act. Actually “doing’ adds to experience and new routines. This is why our approach to developing applied games with our clients also involves ‘doing’. We start off with a GameStorm together with 6 to 8 people from you organization, followed by a GamePlay session to determine dominant motivations and compliant game mechanics. Based on these two sessions we develop a concept and a prototype. We will PlayTest that prototype and develop it until we launch the final product.


​Professor Game
​​​​Professor Game is a weekly podcast where we interview successful practitioners of games, gamification and game thinking that will bring us the best of their experiences to get ideas, insights and will inspire us in the process of getting students or trainees to learn what we teach.

What about the host of Professor Game podcast?

Rob Alvarez is an expert, international keynote speaker and advocate for the use of gamification in education. He’s the creator and host of Professor Game, teaches and works at IE Business School (consistently top 5 in Europe and top 10 worldwide), with interactive and engaging learning experiences.


​A powerful tool for businesses... ​

MMD Games ​develop tools and ​frameworks which dramatically aid​s communication across teams.
Specifically their game: What would you say?​ is a feedback game that​ strengthens individuals in their professional roles, as well as groups to work towards the same goal. Using this game in professional environments has successfully increased communication among teams and allows insights into your colleagues that will allow the team to function better.


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