​Speakers at Gamification Europe 2019

​Speakers are handpicked from all over the world to talk about their experience and research on gamification. ​Regular annoucements on this page. Consider ​following our team on Twitter for the most up to date information.

Adrian Hon
CEO of Six to Start

​Betty Adamou
CEO at Research Through Games

Dr Xavier Bellekens
Lecturer at Abertay University

​Nicolas Babin
​President at Babin Business Consulting

​Gianluca Sgueo
​Policy Analyst for EU Parliament

​Robert Newry
​Managing Director of Arctic Shores

​Tania Vercoelen
Freelance Learning Designer

​Dr. Philipp Busch
​Social Innovation Advisor at GIZ

​Gamification Europe Organisers

​Chair of Gamification​ Europe

Co-organiser of Gamification Europe

​Assistant Organiser of Gamification Europe

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