Project Ninjas

Are you ready to show off your ninja skills? During this session you'll get the opportunity to work together with other ninjas in a race against the clock. Project Ninjas is a collaborative board game where you'll work together with 4-5 other ninjas. Your mission is to complete a project on time, while mitigating the risks and challenges coming at you. But that's not all, you'll also be racing against other ninja teams who are trying to complete the same mission. Will your ninja team come out on top? Well that depends on how well you communicate, plan ahead, collaborate and demonstrate leadership in your team. Do you have what it takes to be a Project Ninja?

About​ ​​​Tania Vercoelen

Tania is an independent learning consultant with 7 years of experience working in Learning and Development, in a range of industries such as, aviation, legal, banking, oil & gas and pharmaceuticals. Tania has significant experience designing high-quality learning experiences, mainly in the digital space. Her passion is designing learning games and uses her creativity to inspire new ideas. She has a qualification in Graphic Design, which helps her to embed design thinking into her process. Tania is the founder of Escapade Learning, which launched early 2018. She works with people that really want to push the boundaries to design impactful learning experiences that provide results.

​In early 2019 she successfully tested the Project Ninjas board game at the Gamification+ Gamification Meetup in Brighton which you can read more about here:

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