Game of Science: How Game-Technology and Neuroscience are Shaping the Future of Recruitment (and No-one Dies in the Process!)​

Robert Newry, CEO of Arctic Shores (pioneers in the use of game technology in psychometric assessment) delivers an interactive and informative session on gamification in recruitment. He'll tell us how game-like tasks can tell you more about a person in 30 minutes than in a year of conversation. A short time to find out if your candidates are suitable. Robert also provides live examples of how major companies like Deutsche Telekom and Siemens are using gamification in recruitment to assist in their digital transformation strategies.

About​ ​Robert Newry

​Robert is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Arctic Shores, an innovative assessment provider that uses game-technology to determine personality and cognitive traits. Robert founded Arctic Shores in 2014 with a grant from Innovate UK and since then the company has grown to support 100+ organisations in more than 40 different countries. Robert is a regular speaker at conferences around the world on the use of gamification in recruitment. He studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University and did his MBA at Imperial, where he was a double prize winner.

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