Customer Experience Day

24th march 2022

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The Customer Experience day is designed to showcase what works in gamification of marketing and customer loyalty, to discover the latest thinking and thus lead to designing better and more effective gamification of brand experiences for customers.

Our amazing list of sessions for 2022 Customer Experience Day [Online]:


All times are uTC (UK time)

10.00 to 10.10


Albert van der Meer is a consultant and chief crafter at aeStanger, where he works with organisations and helps develop methods for better audience experiences and greater audience engagement. He is also an alumni speaker of our conference, as well as a regular international speaker and author.

With a background in filmmaking, team-building facilitation and business programme delivery, as well as knowledge in marketing, business strategy and behavioural psychology, Albert is ideally suited for shepherding our journey through the Customer Experience day of Gamification Europe 2022.

Customer experience in Gamification is all about developing the best experiences for your customers and about leveraging a net positive outcome for both you and your customer. We hope you will take away a great many new learning from our amazing speakers today.

Albert van der Meer

Audience Experience Consultant



A Consultant at æStranger, based in Europe, predominantly in the Netherlands and Germany. His expertise lies in storytelling, audience experience and audience engagement techniques. With these skills and knowledge, he helps businesses, educational institutions, and other corporate environments improve user, customer, and audience engagement through gameful design mechanics.

Before starting æStranger, he worked several years as a media producer, team-building facilitator and freelance filmmaker in Europe and the UK. After a successful career of helping upcoming and established businesses, business schools, as well as music and film talents, he now focuses on supporting various businesses and educational institutions and individuals, by helping craft better and more engaging experiences for their teams, clients and customers.

He is also the co-author (with Daniel Griffin) of Press Start: Using Gamification to Power-up your Marketing. The book offers straightforward advice and immediate applicability of marketing & gamification techniques. It’s aimed at business individuals, such as marketers, who wish to fully engage their customers in a positive and meaningful manner using game techniques.


10.10 to 11.00

Gamification 3.0: Creating business and user value with gamification - Use cases on increasing retention

Gamification has entered its second decade, and things have changed for the now ravenous teenager; the old clothes no longer fit and the old tricks no longer entertain. It is time to deliver on last decades’ promises.

This keynote will address the art of improving the user experience with gamification to increase important KPI:s such as retention. Focusing on a number of use cases to show how this has been done for real. Carl will display how the gamification design is integrated into already running information systems through Gamify the World ENgine (GWEN), a science-based API gamification cloud platform designed to democratise gamification: delivering the power back to the stakeholders.

Talk Highlights:

● Scalable gamification
● GWEN, who? - A glance at the science-based API 2.0 cloud platform, its admin system for tweaking and rebalancing the integrated gamification ecology and the personalised metrics and analytics dashboards.
● An expose of international use cases and how we improved their user retention.

The lion-part of the keynote will address various use-cases from diverse business domains, which all had in common that they 1) already maintained a running web-based information system 2) had difficulties retaining their customers/clients/users.

The narrative in the talk will address each of these use-cases' distinct GWEN integration by deep diving into crucial factors for enriching their user's experience and value-creation, consequently increasing user retention in all the use-cases.

At the Gamification Horizon
● Gamified Analytics - how can data mining methods elect the gamification design and enhance the value of the gamified information system?
● Intelligent and Tailored Gamification - how can Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence provide a more satisfying user experience?

Carl Bjerkne

CEO & Founder

Insert Coin


• Carl has more than 15 years as a tech- and scale-up leader with experience from running multiple teams of 50+ employees.
• He has a background as a former executive at brands such as, Berazy, Mobile Storytelling and Boss Media.
• Carl holds a business major at Gothenburg Uni. School of Business and Economics in Sweden and University of Macau, China.

11.00 to 11.30

Experiential Personalization in Gamification

Personalization, once limited to targeted offers now extends to the entire experience giving consumers choice to see content relevant to their own journey. In this talk 3radical will walk through how even with the demise of cookie based content using gamified choices we can put the consumer front and centre in their own decision making giving them the power over what data they share and the rewards they earn.

Steve Rogers

VP, Customer Success



After spending the first five years of his career working in loyalty marketing, Steve went on to develop a love of both earning and using data, turning customer insights into effective targeted campaign strategies. He has spent the last 15 years delivering both strategic consultancy and solution implementation for multiple marketing and campaign service providers across various verticals, such as financial services, automotive, gaming, and FMCG.

Steve is an instrumental contributor to 3radical’s continued growth as he accelerates progress with their Earned Data strategy and audience engagement solutions. As Vice President of Customer Success, he and his team design, deliver, and support all client implementations. through the development of repeatable best practices and standard operating procedures, putting the clients’ need at the forefront, he further drives value for clients by delivering technical insights along with business problem solving strategies and solutions.

COMFORT BREAK FROM 11.30 to 11.45

Stand up, move around, grab a coffee and a snack and come back refreshed

11.45 to 12.30

GameX: If you're not thinking about the Gameful Experience you're missing out

Gamification as a rapidly developing concept in a fast-paced world has been always related to the use of game-like elements (Gamification mechanics) in order to achieve fun, enjoyment and engagement by delivering a gameful experience where the user is enjoying the interaction with the application. For this reason, previous studies have investigated several sets of game elements that achieve this gameful experience (Gamex). However, an adequate measuring of the emotional qualities involved in the gamified process was still scarce which is surprising, given that a major part of the academic research discuss the concept of Gamex when defining gamification.

This talk will cover this gap and present the most relevant dimensions that need to be taken into account when designing a gamified system for the purpose of delivering the best experience to our customers. This session will be about the customers' journey, their behaviours and how they perceive the gamified experience.

Salma Habachi

Gamification Researcher

IQS School of Management,
Universitat Ramon Llull


A perfervid marketer with experience in Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Brand Management in addition to Business development & Strategy. Combining a knack for creativity with a sharp analytical mind, top class leadership traits and business acumen. She is highly passionate about brands with purpose, pulling out untapped consumer insights, testing her limits and crafting engaging business strategies.

She is currently a 3rd year PhD student in consumer behaviours, conducting academic research about Gamification in different industries. Prior to this, she was a regional Digital Marketing specialist who led part of the Gamification integration into the human resources department in order to make the onboarding processes more fun and interactive. Working on all the trainings given by the company and the learning journeys for the employees’ self-development.

Her greatest passion is to promote Gamification in the World and bring it to any field where it may have a positive impact. She is currently part of the One Young World community and is working on the development of a gamified application for Sustainability as a part of their accelerator programme.

12.30 to 13.00


In this networking session you'll have a chance to meet and chat to members of GamFed (the International Gamification Confederation), learn about their mission to spread best practices in gamification and the work their community is up to.



Stand up, move around, grab a drink and some lunch. maybe eat your lunch while chatting with a colleague or a new friend

14.00 to 14.20

Increasing email engagement by 392% for New Look

Customer engagement is crucial to customer retention and New Look wanted to use gamification to enhance their email marketing campaigns. With gamified content, New Look aimed to test unique user experiences in comparison with traditional email campaigns by tracking click through rates and conversion rates as performance indicators.

Jacques Prothon




Jacques is the founder and CEO of Odicci. Before starting Odicci, he founded a CRM and e-Commerce agency implementing loyalty programmes and e-Commerce websites for major retailers. He has been working in database marketing and e-Commerce for more than 12 years and was a VP of Partnerships for a leading marketing automation platform.

14.20 to 14.40

Understand the use of “gamification” in technology-driven banking services to enhance Customer Experience

In February 2022 the International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences published the paper "Customer experience in digital banking: a review and future research directions" of which Ashish Gupta was a co-author.

In this talk he will summarise key learnings from the review. Particularly looking at understanding the use of “gamification” in technology-driven banking services to enhance Customer Experience. Also looking at a suggested integrative framework which banks can use to strategically place “game-like features” in their digital platforms.

Dr. Ashish Gupta

Faculty - Marketing Area

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade


Dr. Ashish Gupta is presently working as a Full-time Faculty in Marketing Area at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi, An Autonomous Institution of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India. His research interests are in Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Service Quality, Branding and Consumer Behaviour. He has over 9 years of teaching and research experience in the area of Marketing and Management. He has more than 40+ research papers to his credit published in international and national journals like Journal of Internet Commerce; International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences; Young Consumers; American Business Review; Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services; Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics; Emerald Emerging Markets Cases; Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice; International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and Management; International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management; International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management etc.
Dr. Gupta has also presented more than 25+ research papers in International and National conferences. He conducted / completed several workshops, FDP and MDPs such as Six- Month Online Professional Training Programme on ‘International Business Analytics and Market Intelligence’ during January to June 2022; AICTE- ATAL Sponsored FDP on ‘Leadership and Excellence in Professional Education’ in July 2021; International Faculty Development Program from Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, UK in August 2019. In 2018, Dr. Gupta conducted Six-month Management Development Program on ‘International Business’ for Armed Forces Personnel sponsored by Directorate General of Resettlement and Welfare, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India during August 2018- January 2019. Dr. Gupta has also conducted one-week MHRD-GIAN Program on ‘Digital and Social Media Marketing in Emerging Markets’ Sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development (Govt. of India), New Delhi during 14-20 October 2016.
He is actively engaged in Govt funded projects and currently doing a project for Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India [Funding Approx. 26,150 USD].
Recently Indian Council of Social Science research Awarded a project on ‘Internationalization of Indian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs): Identification of the Strategic, Structural and Policy Dimensions, Challenges, and Solutions for Management Institutions’.

14.40 to 15.00

Gaming CX: Customers as Guests & Players

How we use gamification to create more game-like experiences in theme parks. We call our players, our customers, "guests". First and foremost our job is to create world-class guest experiences. In this talk we will show how other sectors can use these lessons from theme parks. Turn a Customer Experience (CX) into a game that drives engagement, loyalty & communicates the core pillars of brand.

Stephen E. Dinehart IV


Wonderfilled Inc


Stephen E. Dinehart IV is an industry-leading game maker, screenwriter, and attraction designer working at the intersection of themed entertainment, mixed-reality and games. The original Narrative Designer, creating the position with THQ in 2006, his works range from major theme parks, immersive game-based theatrical experiences, VR/AR for location-based entertainment, mobile and AAA video games to brand development for Toyota, NBC Universal, Saatchi & Saatchi, Warner Brothers, Marvel, and Nintendo. Dinehart has worked with franchises and characters ranging from The Marvel Universe, Harry Potter, Mario, Zelda, Batman to Lord of the Rings. Recent projects include GiantLands, Evermore Park, Boomtown Fair, Angry Birds and Super Nintendo World. Learn more at

COMFORT BREAK FROM 15.00 to 15.10

Stand up, move around, grab a coffee and a snack and come back refreshed

15.10 to 15.40

Gamification for Brand Value Co-Creation

Nowadays, companies are increasingly gamifying their mobile apps and online platforms for marketing purposes. Beyond sparking their online users’ interest and fostering their loyalty, companies are noticeably using gamification to engage them in brand value creation.

In my presentation, I highlight this concept and identify the four major types of co-creation activities typically endorsed by gamification, namely: customer service, insights sharing, word-of-mouth, and random task.

Respectively, a set of game mechanics and dynamics associated with this phenomenon will be outlined, before concluding with a number of intriguing ideas that could potentially be considered in the future across many industries.

Mohamad Amir Merhabi


Aston University


Professional in business development with a considerable experience in various commercial industries. Skilled in Business Planning and Market Analysis, with an MSc degree in Marketing and International Management. Currently pursuing a PhD project that examines the growing use of gamification in fostering brand value co-creation. In this conference, I will give a presentation about my published paper "Gamification for Brand Value Co-Creation: A Systematic Literature Review", whereby I define this emerging concept, along with identifying the major types of co-creation activities endorsed by gamification and the prevalent game dynamics promoted in this respect.

15.40 to 16.00

Why Creating Playful Experiences matters?

This will be a talk which taps on topics like what is experience design, what is the intersection of gamification and experience design, why experiences are the building blocks of memories?

Olcayto Cengiz

Experience Design & Gamification Manager

Accenture Interactive


Being an enthusiastic for the "good idea", Olcayto is always looking for the idea that effects humans experience. As a creative exec with broad experience in all aspects of digital and traditional creative communication thru his 26 years of career, nowadays he is carrying the “Experience Design and Gamification Lead” title under the roof of Accenture Interactive.

He is bit of a comics geek, bit of a movie nerd and learnt everything about experience design and gamification in the last 10 year from his hero & son, Rüzgar.

16.00 to 16.55


Theme: Why has gamification not caught on with marketing and customer experience?

1. Is it true that gamification has not caught on with marketing and customer experience? Explain why.

2. Especially in customer loyalty, we see that PBL is the norm. Why do we see that happening so much?

3. What is the alternative to PBL? And what do companies need to invest in more than PBL?

4. Has Covid created an opportunity for marketing and customer experience to be more empathetic and gameful?

Chair: Rakshith Bhagavath


Gentle Bamboo Solutions


I am the co-founder of Gentle Bamboo Solutions where we work on crafting game-based and gamified learning journeys.

As a ghostwriter, I have contributed to seminars (Asian Coffee Annual Conference, 2018, China), speeches (Toastmasters International Convention, 2018, Chicago), and award-winning presentations (Global HR Summit, 2015, Germany).

My interest in gamification led me to interview over 50 gamification experts around the world and develop a weekly newsletter for the International Gamification Federation (GamFed). I also worked on the first edition of "I Love Mondays", India’s first book on New Age Careers.

As the first hire of 2 Bangalore based education start-ups and an alum of Jagriti Yatra (a 15-day national odyssey spanning 8,000 km and 12 locations, studying social enterprises), I have a firm grounding in entrepreneurship.

I am currently working towards an Octalysis Level 1 certificate in Gamification Core Drives & Motivation.

Ridvan Saglam


Learning Experience Designer


After working as a teacher for more than ten years, he moved into Instructional Design with the help of a Gamified e-Learning project for one of the Fortune 500 companies.

Rıdvan has been an active member of GamFed Turkey since 2020. He has participated in many events as a mentor and ran many workshops for the gamification community. Ridvan is one of the founders of the Educational Game Design Group at GamFed Turkey.

Recently, he has been working on gamification for community engagement, serious games, and storytelling in gamification.

Chair: Andrew Lau

CEO & Founder

Think Codex


Andrew leads an amazing team of people that specializes in learning gamification. They curate world class content and integrate it with habit building models that change behaviours which leads to business results.

He also leads a global community of Gamification gurus, academia, experts and professionals that champions the cause of Gamification through the International Gamification Confederation (GamFed).

Sufiz Mohd Suffian

Gamification & Behavioural Design Consultant

Recur Consult


Before starting Recur Consult, he spent several years in different industries including Pharmaceuticals, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, and Professional Talent Development. As a
trainer, he has delivered gamified programs and gamification workshops for junior to senior learners that resulted in high engagement and retention rates.

His clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, government agencies, international
consultancy firms, small to medium enterprises, technology companies, training providers, and startups across various industries.

Sufiz Mohd Suffian is a Co-Founder of Recur Consult, a Gamification and Behavioural Design consultancy firm that focuses on creating impactful experiences and driving desired
behaviours through design and engagement. He is a consultant and corporate trainer and has designed award winning user experiences that leverage on gamification design
methodologies and behavioural psychology models. He has spearheaded numerous consulting projects in internationally, ranging from product design, marketing gamification, community gamification, learning and development, and
people and culture transformation.

WRAP UP FROM 16.55 to 17.00

Our Chair for the day will take a moment to reflect on the talks and sessions you have all experienced.

17.00 to 18.15

BONUS End of Day Party with Cozy Juicy Real

Come play a game to wrap up a great day!

A game that’s as unique as the people who play it. Cozy Juicy Real is an online board game that kindles fun, authentic and connecting interactions. It’s been played by thousands of people in 61 countries - from start-ups to some of the world’s most successful companies including Nike, Volvo, Zoom and more.

“You will connect. Cozy Juicy Real is the best way to foster connection online. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 15.” - Marcia Goddard, Neuroscientist and Head of People at Tony’s Chocolonely

Jed and Sophia Lazar


Cozy Juicy Real


Jed and Sophia are group facilitators, coaches, board game designers and the creators of Cozy Juicy Real. More importantly, they’re two people who believe in the power of great conversation to bring us all a little closer. Favorite coffee treat? Frappuccinos with silky soy milk and a pump of something sweet.

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Cozy Juicy Real
A game that’s as unique as the people who play it. Cozy Juicy Real is an online board game that kindles fun, authentic and connecting interactions. It’s been played by thousands of people in 61 countries - from start-ups to some of the world’s most successful companies including Nike, Volvo, Zoom and more.

“You will connect. Cozy Juicy Real is the best way to foster connection online. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 15.” - Marcia Goddard, Neuroscientist and Head of People at Tony’s Chocolonely


What is Gamification Europe?

Gamification Europe is a 5 day conference that can give you all the necessary tools to use gamification in your organisations. Exceptional speakers online make sure you get everything you need to go back to work and harness the power of games. 

Organised by GAMIFICATION+

“So inspiring and fun to have been part of the Gamification Europe conference in Berlin. We learned, mingled and laughed a lot during the hectic days. Perfectly organized and located! We went back home full of ideas and energy” 

Karin & Mikael Berggren, MMD Games


Awesome event with lots and lots of stuff to learn and discuss. See you next year - Adam Pusztai

Thanks Vasilis and Pete for organising this amazing event! It was a great success and a pleasure to be part of! Couldn't thank you enough! - Sabrina Bruehwiler