Health & Wellbeing Day

22nd March 2022

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The Health & Wellbeing day is designed to showcase what works (or doesn’t!) in gamification of health, to discover the latest thinking and thus lead to designing better and more effective gamified health & wellbeing solutions.

Our amazing list of sessions for 2021 Health & Wellbeing Day [Online]:


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10.00 to 10.10







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10.10 to 11.00

Gamification vs Social Influence: Which Makes Health Behavior Changes Last Longer?

Is gamification the same as social influence? Are there significant similarities or differences? What social sciences have to say about both? Which of them can make health behavior changes last longer and why? How can we use them to facilitate desired changes towards healthy lifestyles and an overall societal wellbeing? What role plays technology in amplifying the impact of social influence and gamification? How digital innovations can help sustaining behavior change and achieve hyper-performance? What to expect from a smooth integration of human and artificial intelligences? How all of this is related to behavioral economics, nudging, persuasive technology, and other fancy labels? If you are curious, then see you soon!

Prof. Agnis Stibe

Hyper-Performance Advisor


4x TEDx speaker, MIT alum, YouTube creator. Globally recognized corporate consultant and scientific advisor at Provides a science-driven STIBE method and practical tools for hyper-performance. Academic Director on Artificial Intelligence and Professor of Transformation at EM Normandie Business School. Paris Lead of Silicon Valley founded Transformative Technology community. At the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he established research on persuasive cities for sustainable wellbeing. His change method is helping millions to gain confidence and build resilience against everyday circumstances. It will help you achieving stressless hyper-performance at work and certainty in life. Within this vision, business acceleration and societal wellbeing can be achieved through purposefully designed innovations that successfully blend technological advancements with human nature.

11.00 to 11.30



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COMFORT BREAK FROM 11.30 to 11.45

Stand up, move around, grab a coffee and a snack and come back refreshed

11.45 to 12.30

project in Brazil looking at fake news and the pandemic through D&D role play game

In Brazil, a country of 210 million people, a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line. Deprived areas and peripheries in large cities have been disproportionally hit by the effects of the pandemic. These areas have seen fewer efforts to increase awareness about the pandemic risks compared with higher income districts, as well as limited access to specialized care in hospitals. As a result, the average death rate in poor areas is significantly higher. Additionally, local efforts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 are hindered by fake news. Critical thinking is an effective method to combat misinformation, however most conventional methods of teaching critical thinking make assumptions about knowledge base and levels of education. A game-based approach can play the role of a more intuitive mean to encourage the practise of critical thinking skills. For this project, we have created a role play game with Brazilian heroes embarking on a quest to save the forest from a mysterious blight. To combat misinterpretation and rumour spreading, the players have to describe and interpret the information they have, and sort out inconsistencies between different sources.

Agnessa Spanellis

Programme Director

Edinburgh Business School


Agnessa is Assistant Professor at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland with a research focus on how gamification can be used to support sustainable development and facilitate sustainable behaviour. She has a PhD in Management Science and teaches systems thinking and contemporary business technology. She coordinates a Gaming research group and leads research on gamification for sustainable behaviour at the Centre for Logistics and Sustainability at Heriot-Watt.

12.30 to 13.00

Level up your life using the Game-based Learning Design Wheel and the Ylluster Collective

You might feel like you’re failing at life itself, despite being able to blame a certain pandemic. That’s all right, we’ve all been there. However, there might just be a way out. That’s what the Collective is for.

The Ylluster Collective has been able to help their members, Agents, in setting and reaching sustainable goals using the infamous toolkit of the secret organisation. The extra potential that is unlocked after taking the entrance Exam is truly a magnificent sight for sore eyes. Not only have the newly ordained members of the Collective set a proper and exciting goal, but they also have an actionable plan to reach that goal, more insight in the valuable people in their network, successfully composed their secret identity and returned the final exam to the Committee. They have had the hard task of deciding whether the aspiring Agent is considered fit for the job.

The Committee has decided that attendees of Gamification Europe have an at least 17% higher chance of reaching that higher potential, so we decided to host a workshop to help to along. We will send our best intern to help you fill out your exam during a workshop. He’s a good lad, he’s been an unpaid intern for several years now. Apparently, he also founded the whole thing. Well, that’s on him.

During the workshop, you will learn how and why Ylluster came to be, and what it’s goals are in the long run. We will fill out one of the assignments together and review and discuss this assignment afterwards. Moreover, there will also be time for some light networking amongst ourselves. Who knows, you might even find a new partner in crime to make glorious things happen.

Stop considering and join the Collective today.

René Dijk

Experience Designer

Living Story


René Dijk is a storyteller, experience designer and escaperoom designer at serious game studio Living Story (NL). After graduating from the Utrecht School of Arts in Art and Economics, he immediately returned there as guest lecturer in game-based learning. Besides that, he has continued to develop the gamified self-help toolkit Ylluster and has worked on at least a dozen different game designs, varying from live-action murder weekends in different castles to voice activated interactive podcasts and jigsaw escaperooms. Besides being the Founder of Ylluster, he is also the Eternal Intern, learning more about gamification and self-care on a daily basis.


Stand up, move around, grab a drink and some lunch. maybe eat your lunch while chatting with a colleague or a new friend

14.00 to 14.20

How Gamification Turned Out To Be The Key To Mental Health

Psychologist Silja Litvin shares her journey of developing eQuoo, the Emotional Fitness Game Equoo Game – Conquer Anxiety with eQuoo

Silja Litvin

Psychologist and Founder



Silja Litvin, CEO and founder of PsycApps, Ph.D. candidate and honorary Research Associate at UCL in London, is a psychologist with 2 years of experience providing counseling and therapy, including in the NHS NELFT mood and eating disorder division. Her specialty is in psychology (depression and anxiety) as well as systemic psychology, the science of relationships. Silja has multiple articles published in peer-reviewed journals and two evidence-based mobile mental health applications making her one of the UK’s leaders in mobile mental health. Due to her rather unusual career of modeling for 17 years, Silja has a unique approach to both the commercial and academic aspect of her products as well as years of self-dependent working experience

14.20 to 14.40

The vanishing of Iris - The Gamification of ‘becoming blind’

Worldwide, 2.2 billion people live with a vision impairment. In the Netherlands, this number is ‘just’ 300.000. Still a large group, that is ‘overlooked’ in may ways in our society. How is it to lose your sight? What do you come across in every-day life? What are you surprises you and what is really frustrating?

To create awareness and support for a more inclusive society when it comes to people with an eye condition, we developed a unique experience; The Eyepodcast.
The Eyepodcast is an immersive interactive podcast. Imagine a Netflix-series, consisting of 6 episodes of about 45 minutes, one being released every week. It’s an thrilling Dan Brown-like adventure about the 30 year old Phil, who has to find his aunt - Iris- , who is missing. In the three days he is given to find her, he gradually loses his eyesight…

Now, instead of Netflix however, you use an app; The Eyepodcast app. And instead of watching, you will be listening. And instead of being passive, you are the main character. During each episode, you actually control Phil and talk to other characters by speaking to the app. You make irreversible decisions, that take you on a your unique path: the people you talk to, the items you pick up, the ways you travel…

In this Lightning Talk, Michiel will tell you about how they made the podcast (immersing themselves in the being blind, creating branching storylines, working with 40 voice actors and working around Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast).

Michiel van Eunen

Experience Designer

Living Story


Seasoned player in the field of gamification & game-based learning. Since running his first project (The Hunt) in 2003, he made and played over 75 different formats with thousands of people, groups, teams and companies worldwide. Ranging from serious games to escape rooms, Michiel loves to design games where the immense power of play impacts the real world.

As a speaker, Michiel loves to share his experience as gamification designer; the good the bad and the ugly. His favourite subjects are: experience design, building escape rooms and the ‘game-based-learning-design-wheel’ they developed at Living Story.

14.40 to 15.00

It takes two to Tango – how co-designed games lead to improved patient experiences and better outcomes

The presentation will outline the importance of including patients in the design phase of a digital game based health solution to motivate them to adherence and how a successful outcome can only be the result of a multidisciplinary team.

Lucia Pannese


imaginary s.r.l.


Lucia Pannese is a passionate entrepreneur who established one of Europe’s leading and pioneering serious games companies, Milan-based imaginary, in 2004. With her background in mathematics and a very creative, multicultural mind, she acts as both CEO and Research Director and has published numerous international articles and papers.

Her company, Imaginary, is recognized internationally for its pioneering and innovative work, playing a key role in European Research. Since its foundation, imaginary has won and delivered a remarkable >30 European funded research projects and has received 14 awards for their work.

COMFORT BREAK FROM 15.00 to 15.15

Stand up, move around, grab a coffee and a snack and come back refreshed

15.15 to 15.50

The Super Sleeper Game and How to Keep Up Healthy Habits by Turning Them into Fun Games

At the end of 2020, Victoria discovered that she was in a deficit of more than 40 hours of sleep within only half a year. She decided to turn her sleeping habit into a fun and epic game. The Super Sleeper game was born. Now, a year later, Victoria is far in the black, collecting surplus hours of sleep. She collects cool titles, uses fun jokers to help her stay on the streak, gathers gemstones and treasure chests with a whole collection of these gems. Victoria continues observing herself as a player. In her role as the game’s designer, she adjusts its design to excite and engage the player, herself, in this and other healthy habits games.

Victoria will share the Super Sleeper game and the tools she uses to develop this and other habit games for herself.

You will practice the skill sets involving these tools during this interactive session by answering questions, participating in polls, and doing fun exercises. And with this, you will start your career of being your best self-motivational game designer and player.

Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

Author & Consultant

Optimist Writer


Victoria Ichizli-Bartels is the author of twenty-two books, a top writer of more than two hundred and eighty articles on Medium, an instructor of two online courses, and a consultant with a background in semiconductor physics, electronic engineering (with a Ph.D.), information technology, and business development. Eleven of Victoria’s books and most of her articles on Medium are on the art of turning life into fun games. While being a non-gamer, Victoria came up with the term Self-Gamification, a gameful and playful self-help approach bringing anthropology, kaizen, and gamification-based methods together to increase the quality of life. She approaches all areas of her life this way. Due to the fun she has while turning everything in her life into games, she intends never to stop designing and playing them.

15.50 to 16.50



Chair: Ben Wilkins


Good Boost


CEO of Good Boost (social enterprise developing AI technology for older adult joint health and wellbeing that applied gamification principles for engagement and motivation).

MSK Clinical Champion, Versus Arthritis (UK's leading charity in Arthritis and MSK research).
Winston Churchill Fellow (research project is gamification for older adult MSK exercise),
Fellow, Royal Society of Art.
Lead, MSK Expert Group, World Health Innovate Summit.
MSc, Musculoskeletal Science, University of Oxford,
M.Ost, Master of Osteopathy, Oxford Brookes University.
Registered Osteopath.

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WRAP UP FROM 16.50 to 17.00

Our Chair for the day will take a moment to reflect on the talks and sessions you have all experienced.


Your last chance of the day to visit the sponsors, have a quick chat with each other, share your contact details and then start unwinding from today's event.

17.00 to 18.15

Bonus: End of Day Party with Cozy Juicy Real

Come play a game to wrap up a great day!

A game that’s as unique as the people who play it. Cozy Juicy Real is an online board game that kindles fun, authentic and connecting interactions. It’s been played by thousands of people in 61 countries - from start-ups to some of the world’s most successful companies including Nike, Volvo, Zoom and more.

“You will connect. Cozy Juicy Real is the best way to foster connection online. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 15.” - Marcia Goddard, Neuroscientist and Head of People at Tony’s Chocolonely

Jed and Sophia Lazar


Cozy Juicy Real


Jed and Sophia are group facilitators, coaches, board game designers and the creators of Cozy Juicy Real. More importantly, they’re two people who believe in the power of great conversation to bring us all a little closer. Favorite coffee treat? Frappuccinos with silky soy milk and a pump of something sweet.

With gratitude to our 2022 sponsors


Gamehill - Gamified Learning Platform. Engaging employees and students since 2015. They are winners of Outstanding Gamification Award as well as Best international implementation of Gamified learning solution form London's LTA. With experience from many corporate clients including Deloitte, Orange, Skanska and Deutsche Bank they are now branching out to the higher education sector. Their recent addition of Adaptive learning module could be a game changer!


Cozy Juicy Real
A game that’s as unique as the people who play it. Cozy Juicy Real is an online board game that kindles fun, authentic and connecting interactions. It’s been played by thousands of people in 61 countries - from start-ups to some of the world’s most successful companies including Nike, Volvo, Zoom and more.

“You will connect. Cozy Juicy Real is the best way to foster connection online. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 15.” - Marcia Goddard, Neuroscientist and Head of People at Tony’s Chocolonely


What is Gamification Europe?

Gamification Europe is a 5 day conference that can give you all the necessary tools to use gamification in your organisations. Exceptional speakers online make sure you get everything you need to go back to work and harness the power of games. 

Organised by GAMIFICATION+

“So inspiring and fun to have been part of the Gamification Europe conference in Berlin. We learned, mingled and laughed a lot during the hectic days. Perfectly organized and located! We went back home full of ideas and energy” 

Karin & Mikael Berggren, MMD Games


Awesome event with lots and lots of stuff to learn and discuss. See you next year - Adam Pusztai

Thanks Vasilis and Pete for organising this amazing event! It was a great success and a pleasure to be part of! Couldn't thank you enough! - Sabrina Bruehwiler



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