Future Fun: Where is Gamification Headed?

We're pleased to announce Gamification Europe's 2019 Conference Theme...

  • In 2017 we explored the 'Hero’s Journey' and learning from failure - what works in gamification
  • In 2018 we evolved 'From Player to Professional' looking at the journey gamification has been on and how far it has come
  • In 2019 we look to 'Future Fun' checking out where gamification is headed

We will have talks, workshops and experiences that help us explore this theme. Particularly, you can expect to hear about:

  1. New use cases for gamification
  2. How emerging technologies will affect and improve gamification, specifically:
    * Augmented Reality (AR)
    * Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    * Internet of Things (IoT)
    * Virtual Reality (VR)
  3. How science-based research in gamification can be made to work in practice
  4. How the gamification market is evolving

For example, you may know that Microsoft has made use of Minecraft as a tool to help people to learn to code (a great example of gamification). But did you know that Minecraft recently announced an augmented reality version of the game?


How we can take advantage in an evolving market

​Gamification market research indicates the gamification market is not yet saturated ​and ​there is great potential for new operators in the market.

We are interested in exploring 'use-cases' where gamification has been implemented in new and interesting ways to expand the market.

​A Call for Speakers...

​Gamification Europe 2019 (#GEU19) is very much about exploring what is possible in the world of gamification. (And a little bit of the impossible just to keep us on our toes.)

​The industry is about to go through some very exciting changes and we'd like to know what you think.

If you think you have something interesting to talk about, reach out to Gamification Europe Chair, Pete Jenkins, at pete@gamification-europe.com.

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