Gamification Europe 2023: THE BREAKOUT

Immerse yourself in this 2 day gamification conference on 26th and 27th October set in a beautifully revamped old prison in Utrecht, Netherlands. This event has now happened, please check out the highlights reel below:

Gamification Europe is back! But with a twist

After the last two online conferences we knew we wanted this one to be different. The world has changed, we have changed and now it’s time to announce Gamification Europe 2023: The Breakout!

We are breaking out of online meetings

It is time to experience the value add of meeting in person once more

We are breaking out of traditional conferences

It has to be something special to gather the best people from around the world

And we are breaking out of following the rules!

This year, besides being an attendee at the best Gamification Conference in Europe, you are an inmate at a well guarded prison. Will you break out?


Amazing speakers, interactive workshops, games and global case studies

In line with our BREAKOUT theme, our sessions will enable you to think differently about the what, where, who, when, why and how of applying gamification to achieve your aims.

Case Studies

Chosen to make you think wow, I wouldn't have thought of using gamification there, or like that!

Plus, hear from the players, not just the makers.


No fixed mindsets allowed. What is the latest thinking and research?

What techniques should we be discarding and what best practices will serve us better?


Always a popular way of learning.

Interactively experience gamification principles and learn when where and how to apply them to your projects.


Just enjoy yourself and learn good game design at the same time.

Plenty of relevant and fun activities to inspire you onwards in your journey.


THE BREAKOUT: our best conference yet

We have partnered with LivingStory, a Netherlands based game design company to bring an ARG to life at this conference to allow you to personally experience the effects of game design.

For this year too, we have also partnered with Betty Adamou, Game Designer and Author, to help us find the most engaging, diverse, inclusive, up to date and interactive speakers to really bring our theme to life.

Pete Baikins

CEO of Gamification+ Ltd, Co-Host of Health Points podcast and Founder and Chair of Gamification Europe

Betty Adamou

Founder and Chief Research Game Designer @ Research Through Gaming, Author of Games and Gamification in Market Research and Community Chair for Gamification Europe 2023

Michiel van Eunen

Owner and Experience Designer of Living Story and Founding Member of the WXO (World Experience Organization)

Jes Baikins

Strategy Director at Gamification+ Ltd, Founder of Crowdfund-360, Leader of YesTribe Sussex, and a Primary School Teacher


De Lik, Utrecht, Netherlands

Our venue (an ex-prison) is a short walk from the centre of Utrecht, which itself is just 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. 

Utrecht is just as beautiful, lovely and charming as Amsterdam. Utrecht’s canals are quite unique. As opposed to just walking above the canals, in Utrecht you can walk or sit right down at canal-level. Utrecht is also small enough that you can walk to pretty much everything you’d want to see. Here's 8 great things to do in Utrecht (before or after the conference of course!). 

The Expedition Room at De Lik

The Gym Hall at De Lik

We need players, we need enthusiastic decision makers, we need curious people who are eager to learn from each other, collaborate and take away these gamification ideas and turn them into reality.

Without players no game is complete.


This conference would not be possible without the help of our wonderful sponsors, partners and exhibitors. Check them out here:

Gamification and loyalty platforms


W create engaging motivational, loyalty, and gamification programs. 30 years ago, we started as a classic advertising agency. The great effects of the loyalty programs implemented by us gradually moved us towards relationship marketing and gamification programs became our specialization. Today, we have become a technology company that offers clients solutions supporting various business processes such as sales, recruitment, training management or education, e.g. environmental education.

United behind the user experience


ØPP Studio designs and deploys digital products from start to finish, from writing a sharp functional analysis to the coding, including UI/UX design, digital strategy and IT consultancy. Our work always features gamification elements to boost the users' experience. We are convinced this is the key to success for any digital service, web or mobile application.

Helping create the best experiences


Professor Game is dedicated to spreading the good practice of gamification and games-based solutions to inspire engagement and motivation where it is needed. That is why we help educational institutions, companies and the public sector through learning and consulting and have a weekly podcast where we interview successful practitioners of games, gamification and game thinking that will bring us the best of their experiences to get ideas, insights and inspiration to make experiences meaningful.

Gamification training and consultancy

Serious About Games

Consultation. Integration. Automation.


We’re an information systems consultancy firm focused on improving technical processes

Obsessed with integration, automation and gamification: essential tools for improving business processes and user engagement

JFDI offers a unique blend of consultancy, training and software development. We solve problems, build solutions, and improve your ability to select appropriate technologies

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