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Gamification Europe 2022


2022 Schedule

  • 21st Mar

  • 22nd Mar

  • 23rd Mar

  • 24th Mar

  • 25th Mar

A reminder of our amazing speakers from 2020

David Szilagyi

Founder & CEO

James Vos

Head of Product Management

Discovery Vitality

Vasilis Gkogkidis

Author & PhD Researcher

University of Southampton

Natalie Denmeade



Dries Dewilde

Head of traineeships & digital platform, DigitalScaler

Jan Bidner

Chief Executive Officer


Danilo Bulatovic

Regional Talent Sourcing Manager


Norhan Zahran

Instructional designer/Gamification 

Giza Systems Education Foundation

Aleksandra Witoszek

Research Assistant

Cracow University of Economics

Ádám Pusztai

Behavior Designer


Dominique Mangiatordi

CEO and Founder


Gustavo Tondello

Co-founder and researcher


David Dand

Chief Executive

CoreUs Ltd

Neil Burmester

General Manager


Irze Kalkavan

Business Development Lead


Monica Cornetti


Sententia Inc

Suzanne Kerba

Risk Communications Consultant

World Health Organization

Dave Eng


Experience Points Podcast

Ercan Altug Yilmaz

Gamfed Turkey Representer

Gamification Designer, Inooster

Andrzej Marczewski

Gamification Solution Designer


Eko Nugroho

Lead Game Designer/CEO

Kummara Group

Rob Alvarez


Professor Game Podcast

Ben Wilkins


Good Boost

Michiel van Eunen

Experience Designer

Living Story

David Chandross

Faculty Member

Yeates School of Graduate Studies

Pete Jenkins



Birce Yılmazkarasu

Gamification & Experience Designer


Adam Palmquist

Chief Scientific Officer

Insert Coin

Tamir Bayasgalan

CEO and co-founder

Platform Business LLC

Sarah Le-Fevre


Ludogogy Magazine

Sabrina Sona Bruehwiler

Senior Gamification Designer

Octalysis Group

Will Stuart-Jones

Head of Solutions Consulting (UK)


Antonios Triantafyllakis



Betty Adamou


Research Through Gaming

Esra van Beelen

Ninja Honest Dancer

School for Ninja

David Iachetta



David Wortley

Founder and CEO

360in360 Immersive Experiences

Abhilash Purohit


Gentle Bamboo Solutions

Rita Orji

Director, Persuasive Computing
Lab, Dalhousie University

Yu-kai Chou


The Octalysis Group

Filip Tomaszewski


Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych

Olga Kożuchowska

Head of the Office of Career Services, SWPS University

Amy Jo Kim

CEO & Game Designer

Game Thinking Academy

Elaine McNish


Move Consulting

Ilias Vartholomaios

CEO and co-founder


Tamas Gall



Erik Agudelo


Play Learn Develop

Tatiana Tacca

Director of Esports

Momentum Worldwide

Toby Beresford


Infinite Gamification

Albert van der Meer

Gamification Consultant


What is Gamification Europe?

Gamification Europe is a 5 day conference that can give you all the necessary tools to use gamification in your organisations. Exceptional speakers online make sure you got everything you need to go back to your everyday jobs and harness the power of games. 

Organised by GAMIFICATION+

“So inspiring and fun to have been part of the Gamification Europe conference in Berlin. We learned, mingled and laughed a lot during the hectic days. Perfectly organized and located! We went back home full of ideas and energy” 

Karin & Mikael Berggren, MMD Games

Whether it's Marketing, Employee Engagement, Effective Learning, or Culture Change that you care about, join us to learn how to use gamification to achieve your goals. Join our mailing list to be first to know when tickets become available!

With gratitude to our 2022 sponsors


Gamehill - Gamified Learning Platform. Engaging employees and students since 2015. They are winners of Outstanding Gamification Award as well as Best international implementation of Gamified learning solution form London's LTA. With experience from many corporate clients including Deloitte, Orange, Skanska and Deutsche Bank they are now branching out to the higher education sector. Their recent addition of Adaptive learning module could be a game changer!

Cozy Juicy Real
A game that’s as unique as the people who play it. Cozy Juicy Real is an online board game that kindles fun, authentic and connecting interactions. It’s been played by thousands of people in 61 countries - from start-ups to some of the world’s most successful companies including Nike, Volvo, Zoom and more. 

You will connect. Cozy Juicy Real is the best way to foster connection online. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 15.” -Marcia Goddard - Neuroscientist and Head of People at Tony’s Chocolonely

3radical provides organisations with an innovative way to achieve unprecedented engagement and earn data directly from their audiences. Using 3radical’s award winning Voco software platform and supported by comprehensive strategy and execution services, business users have the ability to quickly create and publish interactive digital experiences based on a wide array of template mechanics and rewards informed by the latest game science theory. These compelling online experiences are delivered directly to each recipient and optimised by preference data, real-time decisioning, and learning based on billions of interactions. Every exchange results in fully-permissioned, “earned data” provided willingly by the individual in a transparent, mutually beneficial environment – critical to informing the business and elevating communication strategies, especially as other data sources become less effective. 3radical operates globally through offices in North America, the UK and Asia Pac and serves major brands across a broad range of industries.

Inooster is a technology company that offers performance management and loyalty programs through gamification-based, new generation motivational solutions. We help our business partners reach their goals by placing people and fun in the center of all business processes.

We transform goal-oriented user activities into experiences that trigger internal motivation via game elements such as leader boards, feedbacks, storytelling, etc. via our own methodologies, and products. As Inooster, we offer three product families: Motivist for employee engagement, Bond 1440 for customer loyalty programs and Noos, a flexible and powerful infrastructure tool for customization.

We have helped many businesses from different sectors reach their goals; whether it is making the end-user experience more enjoyable at a mall, motivating the personnel at a call center, helping the sales teams reach their quotas, or working along with municipalities to promote people to become more active. We are there, constantly striving to achieve more in every aspect to help you reach your goals.


CoreUs Gamification
CoreUs Gamification specialises in international recruitment of gamification professionals. We offer retained search and recruitment services for permanent and interim appointments taking pride in our careful and person-centred approach. With gamification attracting increasing amounts of attention we work with you, guiding you with sensitivity and professionalism. Your reputation cared for.


AgileVirgin is an Agility Solution Boutique, working with Corporate and Communities, and helping both on their path to Agility via Lean, Agile, DevOps, CD, Consulting, Coaching & Training Engineering solutions.


Awesome event with lots and lots of stuff to learn and discuss. See you next year - Adam Pusztai

Thanks Vasilis and Pete for organising this amazing event! It was a great success and a pleasure to be part of! Couldn't thank you enough! - Sabrina Bruehwiler

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