British Airways i360

Brighton, UK

28 - 29 Nov 2017

The venue

British Airways i360 is a 162-metre (531 ft) observation tower on the seafront of Brighton. The tower opened on 4 August 2016. From the fully enclosed viewing pod, visitors experience 360-degree views across Brighton, the South Downs and the English Channel. At the foot of the tower there is a modern conference centre that was perfect for Gamification Europe 2017.

The Flight

We are were very lucky to be able to go on the i360 and experience a flight during lunch break on day 2 of the conference. The view was stunning and what a background to network and meet new people and start new conversations. 

The view

The i360 is located at one of the most beautiful parts of the already incredibly beautiful Brighton seafront.  The weather was great during both days so we enjoyed incredible views of the Pier, the West Pier and even of the Rampion wind farm on breaks throughout the day.