By Kira Downer / December 18, 2018

Gamification Europe 2019 - 3rd Edition

Our team had a 3 hour post conference review meeting on Tuesday 11th November. In it we discussed the 2018 conference: all the feedback we received from our attendees, all the things we liked, all the things we weren't quite as fond of and the things we think we nailed.

We want to say a big thanks to all of you who completed our feedback forms, your feedback has been extremely useful for us.

​What we thought of 2018

What went well

  • ​​An increase in quality from 2017. We had more time and more people to organise, and now that we've got another year's experience, we expect 2019 to be even better
  • ​No technical problems* ​*(apart from wifi at the venue!)
  • ​Broad theme allowed lots of different viewpoints
  • We had some awesome volunteers who made our attendees and especially our speakers feel very welcome
  • We surpassed our attendee numbers goal
  • ​​Great sponsors that helped us to realise the event and offered valuable talks and discussion panels
  • ​The two days were curated quite well, attendee feedback rated our speakers as the best part of the conference by far
Speakers Gamification Europe 2018

​Things to improve in 2019

​Dreaming bigger...

  • We're going to look for a bigger venue
    ‣To accommodate our growing network
    ‣To allow us to have workshops and breakout sessions
    ‣To maximise networking opportunities
  • Content
    ‣We're going to be increasing our number of speakers
    ‣We are going to continue giving a voice to emerging speakers
    ‣We are going to be bring back workshops
  • The sessions:
    ‣Keeping the discussion panels
    ‣Having some breakout sessions
    ‣Keeping the single track for the speaking sessions
    ‣We are also considering an optional 'introduction to gamification' the day before the conference for those who are new to gamification

​The Awards

​The Outstanding Gamification Awards will be run quite differently, in fact our initial planning has them running as a separate event. They will be coming back in 2019, but in a ​new ​and exciting way.

​How did we come to this decision?

The awards are a big project. We have taken notice of the feedback we have received from the 2018 conference survey and completely agree that they are not as polished as the rest of the event. We believe that by separating the awards from the rest of the conference we can give them the time and the attention they deserve. So watch this space.

​What next?

Our next major post will likely be in the new year when the whole team is back in Brighton. We're going to be uploading a video from the conference once a week to YouTube. So make sure you subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon so you can get notified.

​Until next time, happy holidays and a happy new year!

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