​3 Radical Reasons We're Proud to Announce Our Latest​ Sponsor

​We are really excited to tell you the latest conference related news...

In fact, we can confirm we have recently added another ​brilliant sponsor to the Gamification Europe 2019 roster.​

​Drumroll please... 

​It's 3radical!

​We are SO excited to have them back at the conference we thought we'd share 3 RADICAL reasons why this is so awesome.

1. ​3radical's talk on cyber security

3radical ​are currently working with Standard Chartered Bank on a gamified cyber-security training experience.

​Commercial Director at 3radical, ​Rachel Swann, will be sharing this case-study and ​will go into detail ​on how the use of gamification ​can help future-proof ​​such a rapidly evolving industry.

​We shan't say too much more​ about the talk! We'll add more in Rachel's dedicated speaker page when that is live.

​2. ​We've worked with them before

​The Gamification Europe team has been working with 3radical for ​more than 3 years now. We have written a white paper ​on gamification in marketing with them, we've had some of our team train on their software at their Bristol office.

​3radical ​are very ​involved in the gamification industry, and this was never more apparent than when they headlined our first conference as sponsors.

3radical's ​Head of Consulting, Will Stuart-Jones, gave a talk ​summarising the key learnings from the various projects 3radical have executed, distilling a number of ‘best practices’ that brands should consider if they are looking to gamify their marketing activities.​

​At Gamification Europe 2018, Will Stuart-Jones returned to represent 3radical and their ​Foxy Bingo case study. ​3radical were able to increase engagement of online gamers and orchestrate personalised content to gamers who had been investing significant time into the games

​For the full details and story, you watch the full case study below:

​3. ​​You can ​enjoy their platform now!

​3radical p​owered our in-conference app in Brighton and Amsterdam. ​​​In Brighton, we ​used 3radical's scratch-card game to motivate attendees to visit as many of our talks as possible. Last year we had a Monopoly-style game where ​conference-goers could learn about our speakers, talks and some Amsterdam history. ​Experience the 3radical platform first-hand by clicking the link below!


I am really pleased to be coming back to the Gamification Europe event; we're seeing the principles of game science being used in many different and diverse applications, from data acquisition throughout the customer and player journey - and used in many different verticals, where the theory moves into tangible deliverables and measurable returns in the real world. We really enjoy the conference as we get to meet like-minded individuals and share best practices, and are always, always learning.

Rachel Swann , Commercial Director at 3radical

​Closing thoughts:

Those are our 3 most radical reasons why we're massive fans of​ 3radical returning to support Gamification Europe. We are incredibly proud that we have developed this ​partnership ​over the past few years, and we can't wait to see ​what we achieve together over the next few years.

​Rachel Swann's dedicated speaker profile will be coming soon!

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