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Analogue Gamification: A Case Study

By Kira Downer / February 14, 2020

​We’ve introduced the concept of gamification to thousands of people over the ​years. One question we get quite often from ​people is: “Is this only on my computer?”​ ​​No at all! Gamification is absolutely everywhere and can be used in a variety of circumstances, from ​making medical exercises more fun for adults and children with […]


Gamification Europe 2020 Host City Challenge

By Kira Downer / January 17, 2020

We’re doing something new and exciting for the fourth edition of Gamification Europe. We’re opening up one of the most important aspects of Gamification Europe to you… where it’s going to be held!This blog is announces our Gamification Europe 2020 Host City challenge. Check out the poster we’ve made below which showcases how to make us appear in […]


​Start Outperforming Your Competitors NOW: GameStorming and Company Transforming

By Bart Hufen / September 20, 2019

​Start Outperforming Your Competitors NOW: GameStorming and Company TransformingSo this is a small update on where we stand with the Gamification Academy and why we were so keen on sponsoring the Gamification Europe 2019 conference dinner.I have been developing serious games and gamification systems since 2009 when I founded BrandNewGame. After a few years, I […]


3 Radical Reasons We’re Proud to Announce Our Latest Sponsor

By Kira Downer / September 18, 2019

​3 Radical Reasons We’re Proud to Announce Our Latest​ Sponsor​We are really excited to tell you the latest conference related news…In fact, we can confirm we have recently added another ​brilliant sponsor to the Gamification Europe 2019 roster.​​Drumroll please… ​It’s 3radical!​We are SO excited to have them back at the conference we thought we’d share 3 […]


Gamify your LMS

By Kira Downer / November 19, 2018

Gamify your LMSThrow out the textbooksWelcome to this deeper insight into our Gamification Europe Legendary Sponsor “Growth Engineering”. We’ll look at their approach to developing a gamified Learning Management System (LMS). You’ll soon appreciate the depth of resources they’ve made available too. But let’s start by setting the scene with this interview with one of […]