Inooster delighted to sponsor Gamification Europe 2020

Inooster is a technology company that offers performance management and loyalty programs through gamification-based, new generation motivational solutions. We have three product families to help our business partners reach their goals: Motivist for employee engagement, Bond 1440 for customer loyalty programs and Noos, a flexible and powerful infrastructure tool for customization.

We are excited to be sharing our know-how and to expand our knowledge on other trends with our sponsorship for Gamification Europe. Through this involvement, we are hoping to exchange knowledge with our fellow gamification delegates and supporters and become stronger together. It will also serve as a great platform to show what Inooster has accomplished and will continue to do so.

This year’s theme, ‘Disruption’ resonates within our company mindset. We aim to disrupt the old, inefficient habits and try to build better, stronger and sustainable ones instead, while enjoying the whole process in between. As Inooster, we believe in the power of gamification and work hard to bring out that inner superhero.