Moojoo Sponsors Health & Wellness Day

Moojoo, a leader in outstanding gamification, blended-learning, and instructional design services, is proud to sponsor the ‘Health and Wellness Day’ at Gamification Europe 2020. The five-day conference will bring together innovative movers and shakers in the world of gamification.

“The conference theme of ‘disruption’ definitely describes the global learning experiences of 2020,” said Moojoo founder, Natalie Denmeade. “With the COVID19 outbreak, the need for effective health training has never been more urgent. Gamification is a proven way to bring people together – online and face-to-face – for engaging and powerful learning.”

Moojoo’s sponsorship reflects the company’s commitment to collaborative learning and information sharing in the global health community. “We are especially looking forward to exchanging ideas and learning from those who share our passion for innovative gamification,” said Ms. Denmeade.

“Moojoo’s work in using gamification to advance pandemic preparedness in Africa is especially timely,” said Pete Jenkins, who leads the Gamification Europe 2020 conference. “Their focus and experience in the health sector makes them the perfect sponsor for ‘Health and Wellness Day.’