3radical announce participation at Gamification Europe 2020

3radical, the leader in audience engagement and data acquisition solutions, is delighted to announce their participation at this year’s Gamification Europe as Marketing & Customer Loyalty Day headline sponsor. 

The 2020 edition of the event, which is run by Gamification+, is an excellent opportunity to meet and engage with the gamification community. The event will see over 1,000 attendees, speakers, and sponsors come together to share the most useful and up-to-date content about gamification and related game based technologies.

3radical’s Voco platform mixes the best of gamification with the tried and trusted techniques powering loyalty schemes to create interactive digital experiences that both intrinsically and extrinsically motivate audiences to act. These experiences are progressive over time, and designed to enable brands to earn data to build their own directly acquired data asset – increasingly important as legislation and consumer sentiment is driving a rapid reduction in third party data available to marketers. 

This year’s theme, to mark the experience all have had in 2020, is disruption,” said Pete Jenkins, Chair and Founder of Gamification Europe. “Bringing together organisations, like 3radical, gives attendees, and the companies they represent, the opportunity to find solutions and resources that will not only help them survive these challenging times, but thrive. Further, 3radical’s motivational and game science mechanics are already disrupting industries, providing companies with innovative online interactions and cultivating deeper relationships and the earning of fully permissioned data from their audiences.

Michael Fisher, CEO of 3radical added “This year’s theme heavily resonates with us. We have always championed how applying gamification to audience engagement can disrupt industries, their people and their processes. We are delighted to be part of such an innovative industry and are looking forward to supporting this event for the fourth year running.” 

About Gamification Europe

Gamification Europe is the conference and networking event for gamification and engagement professionals, brought to you by Gamification+. Gamification Europe specialises in organising events with thought leaders and experts in gamification. The 2020 edition of our event is expecting over 1,000 attendees, speakers, and sponsors. Gamification Europe aims to share the most useful and up-to-date content about gamification and related game based technologies. Gamification+ is a company focused on gamification. We provide speaking, training, design and consulting on gamification to clients from all over the world. Some of the clients we’ve worked with include Airbus Group, American Express, British Council, Allianz, HSBC, Intel and Dell.

About 3radical

3radical provides organisations with an innovative way to achieve unprecedented engagement and earn data directly from their audiences. Using 3radical’s award winning Voco software platform and supported by comprehensive strategy and execution services, business users have the ability to quickly create and publish interactive digital experiences based on a wide array of template mechanics and rewards informed by the latest game science theory. These compelling online experiences are delivered directly to each recipient and optimised by preference data, real-time decisioning, and learning based on billions of interactions. Every exchange results in fully-permissioned, “earned data” provided willingly by the individual in a transparent, mutually beneficial environment – critical to informing the business and elevating communication strategies, especially as other data sources become less effective.  3radical operates globally through offices in North America, the UK and Asia Pac and serves major brands across a broad range of industries.

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