DISRUPTION – The theme for our 2020 conference

By wpx_gamifica / October 17, 2020

Our theme of disruption matches how we’ve all experienced 2020 so far!

The conference will showcase talks and sessions around 2 key aspects of disruption:

  1. How the use of gamification has helped organisations survive, or even thrive through, the events of 2020.
  2. How the application of gamification is disrupting industries, people and processes.

To support this, the branding for this years’ conference comes from the idea of ‘disrupting’ the way we ‘see’ things, the norm, taking things for granted, if you like.

Hence, the circular pattern in the background is representative of an eye, which has been shaken (disrupted) into seeing things in a different way. The disruption spreads out from the centre and grows as it reaches out.

The colouring within the eye and the word represents two thoughts, one; different people from across the world and how we all see things and react differently (i.e. encompassing all), and two, bringing vibrancy back into a dark period globally (coronavirus).

The typography for the word ‘disruption’ has been shaken to represent the literal disruption to the normal straight and level type.