Gamify your LMS

Throw out the textbooks

Welcome to this deeper insight into our Gamification Europe Legendary Sponsor "Growth Engineering". We'll look at their approach to developing a gamified Learning Management System (LMS). You'll soon appreciate the depth of resources they've made available too. But let's start by setting the scene with this interview with one of their happy clients:

Growth Engineering have developed some fantastic customised products for their clients to motivate learning.

Why is eLearning so Important?

The Online Generation.

Over 4 billion people have access to the internet in October 2018.
When more than half the worlds population is online, wouldn't you want to make your learning easier for your learner to access?

When more than 4.5 billion people have mobile phones you begin to build up a picture of where your learners are. Especially in developed countries... they're online.

Learning is now available on your phone in an instant. Load up the app, stick in your earphones and get ready to learn.

​Growth Engineering have lots of other resources detailing why eLearning is so important, and why doing it well can help grow your business...

Creating Learning Lovers

Philomath's have no need of any extra motivation to learn. Learning for the sake of learning is fun enough. 

Spoiler Alert: This is not everyone.

There's just no way two ways about it.
And it doesn't help if the learning is dull.
In fact it's a lot worse.

This is where Growth Engineering is strongest as a company as their use of gamification can turn all your learners into active participants of your LMS.
You can make all your learners, learning lovers!
More engaged learners = a good thing!
Growth Engineering have such a great collection of articles, that we have decided to share with you their guides on how to create a great gamified LMS.

​The Gamification Europe team aren't gamified learning experts, so we hope you find their resources as useful as we did.​​​

Gamifying Your LMS

Gamification Theory

These are some of the ​best ​resources available on 'How to Gamify your LMS'. The Gamification Europe team is going to use some of these tips in our future practice!

Want to Meet the Team in Person?

Great! Growth Engineering are sending 10 people from their company, including CEO Juliette Denny, to our conference on 26 - 27 November in Amsterdam.
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​Want to Carry on the Conversation?

Get in touch on Twitter! Our twitter handle is @Gamification_EU, the author is @totally_kira and Growth Engineering's is @growthengineer.
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​Design Your own LMS

If you want a fuller guide to Growth Engineering's understanding of LMS's​, Growth Engineering has an excellent selection of Learning Resources. We have collected this into a thematic guide, so get ready for a deep dive and get ready to design!

The Basics


Learning Theory


Targeted Learning

Learning Evaluation

Improving Engagement


Mobile Learning


Social Learning

Retail Specific

Your Build

Using an LMS

The Future of Learning


Rather than building the Learning Management System yourself you could contact Growth Engineering for a Demo. They are really nice, click HERE if you are interested in hearing from them.