How to Upgrade your Brand Engagement: A case study from our Epic sponsor 3radical.


  • Your customers are not only liking your Facebook page and sharing photos of your brand on Twitter... they enjoy doing it. 
  • When you offer them a 20% off voucher they JUMP at the chance to use your service.
  • Your customers transforming from followers and anonymous likes into brand advocates.

Recently we talked about content engagement and how to gamify content visibility on platforms on a small scale using micro-collaboration.

Today we'd like to discuss how to upgrade and gamify consumer engagement with a specific brand, as an upgrade in brand presence can have a significant impact on your business. We'd like to suggest that there is a newer technique, that the market is in deep need of. 

This technique has been been designed into a wonderfully engaging platform (we know, we've played it!) which can reward individual brand interactions and develop a recurring engagement. It works in a way that is similar to the foot-in-the-door technique. Encouraging a customer to follow you on Twitter will motivate them to use your brand hashtag in their next tweet. This improves brand image without you doing anything.

This article isn't about click funnels and advertising on Facebook. It's about exploring the massive potential of gamified interaction of content. In particular we'd like to highlight a great example  from our sponsor and explain how we plan to use it to gamify our brand and conference awareness.

3radical's Gamification App: Voco

The platform that we'd like to discuss is called Voco, developed by 3radical.  Voco aims to encourage many different actions (such as liking on Facebook or sharing a photo on Twitter) and instigate the beginnings or a continuation of a customer's relationship with the brand.

The platform provides several games which your customers can play to get entries into draws or other brand related goodies.  Players can complete actions to get more rolls or spins or moves increasing brand engagement. One game is a monopoly style board game, where the player's token moves around a board and they capture squares. Collecting these squares might mean the player gets a money off voucher or a physical reward such as a book... it's really up to your imagination! The system has a great amount of customisation available.

Our game

Our game is HERE! and ready to play, we have loads of interesting things to share with you, but first we'd like to point out these badges we've made exclusively to give away to our players that attend Gamification Europe 2018... 

You need to collect 4 Gamification Europe tokens to earn this bad boy. Collection only at the conference 😉 Super exclusive!

We've set up our game so that players get 2 free rolls each day. You can get more rolls by following the organising team/sponsors & speakers on Twitter and either connecting or following on LinkedIn. Another great reason to play is that you can collect sponsor tokens. These can earn you some great discount codes for tickets to the conference. We're not going to lie, we are super excited to be able to share this with you! Click the following link to play it yourself.


We are having a competition to win tickets to Gamification Europe! Draws happen every five days. You can get entries into the draw by playing the game and landing on a 'Lucky'. Landing on a 'Lucky' gives you a 50/50 chance of either getting a draw entry or getting a free roll. There's no limit to how many entries you can earn, so get rolling!


Best yet, 3radical has allowed us to create a fun and engaging way to share lot on information with you about the conference. In the sidebar you can find out information about the speakers, sponsors and Amsterdam (in case you were looking for some inspiration of things to do in the city outside of the conference.) We are so, so happy with how it looks and how it plays, and we hope you enjoy it too.

Why brand matters

The growing smart speaker market suggests an incredible reliance on brand and how consumers engage. If you ask Alexa or Google to send you 'tissues' you might get Amazon's own brand, but if you ask for a Kleenex, you'll get Kleenex. As this is still emerging, it is  important to develop your brand awareness with platforms now so that branding will mean that your customer will undoubtedly choose your product.

For example, we are still developing the brand  of our conference. It's a conference about gamification, sure, but also about community and how we can really gamify the world, sharing knowledge and giving the winning edge to businesses. To illustrate, our blog so far has been business related, sharing tips on how to gamify and upgrade networking opportunities, and sharing information about the conference. We will likely explore our brand in more depth in future news posts.

Closing Comments
We are delighted to have 3radical as an Epic sponsor as they were also our headline sponsor last year. This is a great partnership to highlight, due to the success both parties saw at last years conference; 3radical can attribute a new client to the conference and Gamification Europe received a terrific and engaging app. We expect this partnership with 3radical as a sponsor will enable us to make this year's conference even more of a smashing success.

3radical are a company that re imagines the traditional approach to audience engagement and loyalty with targeted gamification tactics. Aware of the typical pitfalls of attempts to engage customers, 3radical provides a proven system of actual customer engagement. 

P.S. Make sure you're involved in our conference. It is the gamification conference where you can find excellent new ideas from speakers, acquire new clients and give your business an advantage.

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