By Kira Downer / September 26, 2018

Meet Our Sponsor: PlayVisit

We asked our 'Heroic' sponsor some questions to get to know them. This blog post provides more insight into the company and what they do.

  • Give us a short introduction to your company. Where are you based, what are your core products – services and an example of a project you think is representative of the projects you deliver as a company.

PlayVisit is a Spanish startup, created in 2018 and based in Barcelona, reinventing the way people discover the world through location-based games and gamification: we turn the real world into a playground where memorable play-visit experiences can be created thanks to the power of play.

PlayVisit offers a cloud-based platform with powerful authoring tools, for cultural tourism, educational organisations and game designers, to create real-life location-based mobile experiences. No programming skills are required, including minigames and challenges, and it can be integrated in any digital product: website or mobile app.

PlayVisit platform consists of 3 main products:

  • PlayVisit Studio: easy to use authoring tool to create location-based gamified experiences to engage emotionally users, with no need to have programming skills.
  • PlayVisit SDK to help our customers to integrate experiences into their digital products iOS, Android and WebGL.
  • PlayVisit analytics a dashboard to analyze the performance of the experiences and make data-driven decisions to optimize them.
  • Why did you get into gamification in the first place and decide to base your whole company and products around the idea of gamification?

Pau Yànez, CEO and co-founder of PlayVisit, has worked on Gamification and Serious Games for at least 10 years and founded several companies such as Geomotion Games and City Nostra in which gamification and geolocation technologies allow to live and create memorable experiences with an international reach in more than 800 cities around the world.

After working several years creating custom gamification software for our clients, Pau with 2 other cofounders: Oriol and Lourdes decided to create the PlayVisit platform. The goal was to scale our gamification technology and put it on the market to help our customers to reduce development and time costs on the creation of location-based gamification experiences.

We truly believe that gamification can help cultural, tourism and educational organizations to create memorable experiences that allow people to discover the world in a funny way.

  • Why did you decide to sponsor Gamification Europe? What is the value your company will get from this event and what do you think is the value that an attendee gets from a conference like Gamification Europe?

Sponsoring Gamification Europe is one of the best ways to promote our startup and the PlayVisit product. Also, is a good way to know and be part of the European gamification community.  We are looking forward to network, share experiences and find business opportunities in Amsterdam.

  • Which session of the upcoming Gamification Europe conference are you looking forward to?

It’s hard to choose one… If I have to choose one, I would very much like to attend the session "Lost in Time: Bringing Digital and Physical Gamification together through Narrative” from Karen Sikkema.