By Sofia Usman / September 18, 2018

Meet Our sponsor: 3radical

We asked our 'Epic' sponsor 3radical some questions to get to know them.   This blog post provides more insight into the company and what they do. 

  1. Give us a short introduction of your companyWhere are you based, what are your core products – services and an example of a project you think is representative of the projects you deliver as a company.  

 We are 3radical, creators of the ‘Voco’ audience engagement platform. Voco uses gamification to enable organisations to build what we call ‘interactive journeys’ that deliver higher levels of audience engagement than traditional technologies and techniques. Our HQ is in Bristol and we also have offices in Singapore and Sydney.  

Since we have launched we have worked with a wide range of household names in various verticals. Most recently we have had significant success working with online gaming companies to replace their in-house promotional activities with experiences powered by our platform. In the case of Foxy Bingo, this has led to a 30% increase in unique active players on their site, as well as significant improvements to dwell-time and frequency of visit - as we will be showcasing at GE 2018. 

  1. Why did you get into gamification in the first place and decided to base your whole company and products around the idea of gamification? 

Our founders, David Eldridge and Mike Talbot, both originally worked in the computer games industry back in the 1980’s before going off to set up the multi-channel marketing software company ‘Alterian’. Alterian was great at using data to improve marketing response rates from 1-2% to 5%, but David and Mike felt this could be significantly improved on. So, having sold Alterian they set out to see if this new fangled idea called ‘gamification’ could be applied to consumer engagement (and subsequently employee engagement) - and so 3radical was born.

  1. Which session of the upcoming Gamification Europe conference are you looking forward to?  

All of the sessions look interesting, but given we are often asked to craft new ideas for prospects at short notice Dr Zac Fitz-Walter’s talk on prototyping looks particularly interesting. Plus his red glasses are off the scale!