By Kira Downer / September 13, 2018

3radical: Our Epic Sponsor at Gamification Europe 2018

Gamification Europe is delighted to announce 3radical as the first Epic conference sponsor. The global audience engagement company re-imagines the traditional approach to loyalty with targeted gamification tactics. 3radical works with brands including Zizzi, Foxy Bingo, Stride Gaming and DBS to name a few, providing a proven system of actual customer engagement.

The market is moving to a more personalised 1:1 approach to engagement, but often this isn’t always sufficient to motivate a response. 3radical helps brands understand that it is not just about deciding which offers might be of interest to the individual but more importantly what kind of rewarding experience can be provided.

This is the second year that 3radical is participating as a major sponsor of Gamification Europe, this year to be held in Amsterdam. Alongside demos and talks on the stand, Will Stuart-Jones (Head of Consulting at 3radical), will be providing a keynote talk on how to create an engagement experience that is as valuable and rewarding as possible by making it fun, informative, exciting, competitive, all at the same time, and specifically focusing on why 3rd parties should use experts rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, or ‘selling ice to the eskimos’.

Gamification Europe is the gamification conference of 2018, with exceptional speakers at a great venue in the heart of Amsterdam. Make sure you can harness the power of games in your organisation by attending on 26-27 November.