Our first media sponsor: Professor Game!

We are very happy to be announcing Professor Game as our first media sponsor for Gamification Europe 2018! 

Media sponsors are an important part of any event as they help spread the word far and wide about the event. 

If you don't know who Professor Game is then you are missing an awesome podcast that has to do with gamification! Professor game is run by Rob Alvarez and it's a podcast that features interviews by some of the most well known and experienced gamification experts in the world! Amazing quality of content from Rob that gather practitioners and academics from all over the world and share with his audience best practices, experiences and mistakes made during the time they have been designing gamification. 

Examples of people that have been on this podcast include Richard Bartle, Karl Kapp, Michael Wu, Marigo Raftopoulos and many many more amazing people working in the field of gamification and serious game design. Make sure to give Professor Game a listen and stay tuned as he interviews some of our speakers for the upcoming conference in November in Amsterdam! 

If you have or know a podcast, YouTube Channel, Online or printed Magazine, radio show or website that promotes gamification and the gamification community please send an email to vasilis.gkogkidis@gamificationplus.uk to let us know about it!