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A New Lens for Enterprise Gamification: Cultural Historical Activity Theory

Designing in workplaces can be challenging, especially when those organisations are large. How do we as gamification designers deal with this complexity to create meaningful gamification experiences? The activity system view of CHAT is a lens we can use to accurately map the system. Want to hear where CHAT is positioned in relation to Self Determination Theory and Goal Setting Theory and what it means in a practical sense for gamifiers? Kerstin will tell you! Drawing on her PhD research, where she looked at cases including a restaurant, a school and a government department, Kerstin will present emerging theories and practice for gamification design that is meaningful and effective.

About​ ​​​Kerstin Oberprieler

Kerstin is Lead Gamification Designer for gamification firm PentaQuest and is doing her PhD in gamification. As a leading gamification academic and practitioner, Kerstin is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with gamification, building gamified solutions that are intuitive, highly effective, and engaging. Her recent clients include private businesses, government, not-for-profit organisations and a school, all seeking to engage their employees and learners through gamification. Kerstin is a sought-after speaker on gamification, including having presented in USA, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, all over Australia. She has also delivered a TED talk on gamification.

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